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We are husband and wife, crazy in love, best of friends, and trying to keep things happy and genuine in our lives and in how we document yours

Since our wedding over 5 years ago, we've shared more inside jokes, cartons of ice cream, and the blunders of life than we can even count. It's also given us a chance to know each other better than anyone else does, like the fact that Logan is legitimately terrified of spiders and Michelle will order chicken strips 90% of the time when we go out to eat. The connection we shared on our wedding day was SO special, but it's even better now and adding our little baby Jai has only made it that much sweeter. We've learned that the best kind of belly laughs come from sharing those things with the people you love. It's also become clear to us that there's no one else we'd rather celebrate the best days with than each other. 

We believe that in planning a wedding, you should be focused on planning and preparing for marriage. Once everything is said and done, the two of you are all that is left standing there. Marriage is what counts. We strive every day to choose each other and make one another a priority to make our marriage count. Making marriage count looks different for everyone- for us that means we hold hands in public, breaking for the occasional butt slap, laughing like kids about it, and working side by side as we push each other to do better and believe in ourselves. 

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the optimist, snuggler, trip planner, video gamer, and story teller

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the blonde hair, blue eyed, smiley baby boy that changed our lives forever


It’s hard to fit everything about yourself in a small space on a website, but I’ll try to give the most important parts that make me, well me. I’m one of those weird people that actually like having to give speeches and presentations. If I’m talking to someone from another country, it’s takes all that I have to not try and mimic their accent. I love getting lost in a book no matter how big it is. The largest book series I've read so far was a total of 11,916 pages! Most of all, I love being married to my forever sweetheart. She is the reason that I wake up with a smile, even though I’m not a morning person.

Growing up I had many dreams and aspirations, (among which was to own a bowling alley,) but I never thought that I would one day be in the wedding business. Soon after meeting Michelle, that all changed. She was tired of spending her weekends apart, so she taught me how to use a camera and be her second shooter. After a year of helping her with weddings, we decided that I should have a more permanent role within the business. Shooting weddings together has become something I not only enjoy, but something I look forward too. 


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Michelle will take it in a waffle cone, but Logan prefers the cup


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the best rides are Toy Story Mania, Splash Mountain , Cars, and Indiana Jones


from the beaches in Hawaii to Old Faithful in West Yellowstone- we don't care as long as we are together

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We share a lot about our own marriage on the blog from the time we met to the proposal in a hospital gown to our wintery wedding day. Catch up on all of that, plus our anniversaries and how we have kept the flame burning :)

our marriage

Pregnancy updates, the birth story and video, and his monthly updates. Motherhood is hard, especially when we feel alone in that so we aren't shying away from sharing not only our favorite baby must haves but the tough stuff too.

our little man

Remember all of those old home videos we all have of us as kiddos? Parents were going around holding a camcorder, documenting it all. This is our take on that- it is our real personal life and it isn't always glamorous but it is ours.

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Swim with dolphins
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Paddle board in the ocean
Go on a Disney cruise
Ride in a hot air balloon 
Go on an African safari 
Attend a floating lantern festival
Start a family
Go to a Green Bay Packers game