We're Michelle and Logan, we like things clean and classic, with a touch of romance, and a whole lot of fun.

Since our wedding over 9 years ago, we've shared more inside jokes, cartons of ice cream, and played more games together than we can count. This time has also given us a chance to know each other better than anyone else does, like the fact that Logan is legitimately terrified of spiders and Michelle's go to order anywhere is chicken strips, with no sauce. We've learned that the best kind of belly laughs come from sharing those things with the people you love. There's no one else we'd rather celebrate the best days and endure the harder days with than each other. 


We believe that marriage is the best place to become your most true and genuine self.

We believe that in planning a wedding, you should also be focused on planning and preparing for marriage. Once the celebrations are over and the dress is put into the closet, all that is left standing there is the two of you. Marriage is what counts. We strive every day to choose each other and make one another a priority to make our marriage matter. Making marriage count looks different for everyone- for us that means we hold hands in public, breaking for the occasional butt slap, laughing like kids about it, and working side by side, as we push each other to do better and believe in ourselves. 

Quick Facts



for the skimmers

favorite ice cream

Oatmeal Cookie Batter with cookie dough and raspberries

Birthday Cake Remix, loaded up with brownie bites and cookie dough

celebrity crush

Patrick Dempsey
McDreamy, do I need to say more?

Will Smith
Always has been, always will be

guilty pleasure

Popping zits
You either love it or hate it

Long hot baths
Sometimes for hours

I'd rather be


At Disneyland


Organizing and Crossfit

Gaming with his boys every Friday night

take my money

The Container Store, thank heavens the closest one is 3 hours away

Anything golf related or Al's sporting goods

a few more things you should know: 

Believer in all the romantic things, other than Valentines Day. Feels like her day goes best when she has exercised. Wants to burn candles every single day. Thinks summertime is the best time. Could use an exclamation point at the end of every sentence because that just feels right! Eats a whole bag of jerkey in one sitting.


Can be found playing video games with his guys almost every  Friday night. Comes up with songs and rhymes on the fly almost daily. Has a Stance sock obsession. Always looking for the brighter side of things. Wouldn't mind snuggling in bed all day long. Loves a good chocolate chip cookie.

Our busy, busy mama's boy. Thinks he should do anything his brother does and definitely tries his hardest to keep up. Has been known to out eat Jai and will be come running if he hears any kind of food being taken out of the pantry. Loves reading books, watching for airplanes, and seeing Daddy come home.



Logan's mini me in almost every way. Loves racing through our home on the daily. Has almost everyone he meets wrapped around his finger. Has the sweetest personality in a little boy that you've ever seen. Sour gummy worms give him life. Has wild cowlicks in his hair like his mama. Growing up way too fast.


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Our 2021
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