2017 Family Home Videos

Last year we started a tradition that for Christmas, we would give our parents a video from the year with clips that we took at family functions or on any random occasion!! It’s so fun to see how throughout the year the kids grow, pregnant bellies turn into babies, and how much these videos bring back so many memories!! I made the Fowler family video and I have more patience, so it’s a little longer than the Peterson video but we love these memories we have to hold onto forever!!

We were with my family this year for Christmas and we were able to watch it with them and you always know it’s a good one when someone is crying or teary at the end, especially if it’s my dad. The best part is that it’s not just the adults that love these videos!! My nieces and nephews all sit so quiet and want to watch them often. For Logan’s family, we sent a link out on Christmas morning for everyone to be able to see it and we loved hearing their responses after seeing it.




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