Baby Peterson’s Baby Shower

A couple weekends ago, I felt so overwhelmed with love and friendship for not only me but our little man too! Friends and family came together for a baby shower that left me feeling so incredibly grateful for all those who have come into my life and impacted me from the time I was a little girl until now when I’m getting ready to have a little one of my own!! It’s safe to say that I’m an emotional person, but this shower just brought those emotions full force! There were cards that were hard for me to read without feeling my the prick of tears come to my eyes and then there were those friends and family members that came to support us and seeing them there for us gave me all those emotions too.

My mom and sisters-in-law threw such a great shower and I’m so grateful for them. They went with the safari theme we will be using for little man’s nursery once we have a place of our own- we’re still looking for that home that fits right for us, we’ve had a couple close ones, but not yet. Until then, we get to look at baby’s stuff every day!! It’s right there for us to look at and some days I’m still in shock that this is really happening and that all the diapers and wipes that everyone brought (THANK YOU SO MUCH) are really going to be used by our little baby!! The cutest little outfits are now hanging in the closet just waiting for him to be born, along with books just waiting to be read to him. Some of those we may have already started reading to him because he really does love hearing us read books! We cannot imagine our life without all of these sweet people who came and sent us things in the mail. We truly feel so beyond blessed by everyone’s love!! We cannot wait to tell little man and show him all of the pictures so he will know just how loved he has been his entire life! Thank you so much to everyone who came and has wished us well in our pregnancy and with baby! We are so appreciative!

Along with all of that, here’s a few little things to add as a bumpdate!

How far along? I hit 33 weeks on Saturday- I was 31 weeks are our baby shower! Size of baby? At my 32 week appointment, I was told that my tummy is still measuring on the smaller side of the “normal” range and on the cusp of being outside of that range. My tummy is still growing, it’s just not as big as they think it should be. That means we get to see little man again with another growth check ultrasound in one week!! At our last ultrasound, even though my tummy was small, baby was measuring a week ahead in growth, we are hoping for news like that again!  Weight gain?  21 pounds! Maternity clothes? Definitely wearing maternity clothes often! I still have some shirts that are flowy enough to still fit, but maternity pants are happening all the time! I also have taken over some of Logan’s clothes to hang out at home in! My sweats and t-shirts aren’t fitting the way they used too… I wonder why 😉 Sleep? Still sleeping soundly!! I feel so grateful for that. I know I toss and turn a little more, but I don’t wake up feeling exhausted. Cravings? The past few days I have really just wanted milkshakes and smoothies, but I’m trying to not give into that craving too often!  Movement? Logan loves to roll over in the morning and put his hand on my belly because little man is always kicking up a storm in the morning. Little man doesn’t like it if I lean up against anything, even if it’s really lightly. He is immediately kicking at it. He’s the same way when the doctor puts the dopler on my tummy to listen to the heart beat. He doesn’t like it! Weird moment this week? Realizing how close we are getting to baby joining our family!! We are less than 2 months away from that moment and I honestly couldn’t even tell you where the time went for this pregnancy! Best moment this week?  We had our maternity pictures done on Saturday in Utah with our sweet friend Meghan! She did such an amazing job!! She also did our anniversary photos last year in Maryland, but these pictures just felt so special. We know that this chapter in our lives is coming to a close and we are about to start something totally new. These pictures will always mean so much to me!! These moments of just Logan and I are coming to a close, but I will be able to cherish them forever in these pictures!  Looking forward too? Still looking forward to finding the right house. There have been some really good ones, but nothing has felt right as we have prayed about the homes. I’m anxious to be able to put together a nursery for baby, but it will all happen in the Lord’s time! If you go through all the pictures, there is one of our maternity pictures at the bottom so you can see my growing belly!



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