Bailey portraits just because

Bailey is one of those people who is good for my soul!!! I photographed her family years ago, her senior pictures a couple years ago, we dressed her up like a bride for a styled shoot, and now while she is home from college for a little bit, of course I needed to get her in front of my camera and spend some time with her. She literally radiates light and life and goodness and all the happy things. Plus, she makes me feel like a million bucks!! She’s the kindest person who just knows how to be real and genuine and Logan and I love that about her! And Jai is a real big fan. He’s a really easy going, loves everyone baby, but he really likes Bailey! She had him laughing so hard and it was so sweet!! I see some babysitting in her future 😉

We went out while the weather was warm(ish) and the sun was shining and we played with the light. We ended up with the prettiest photos and a hair scarf story I will never forget!! 



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