Bryce + Lexie | Proposal

Bryce sent Logan a message on Instagram all about wedding photos. That led to me learning all about their friendship, KFC, and Bryce’s love for Lexie. He had originally planned to propose later in February, but when it came down to it, he was just way too excited to wait. Who could blame him?! He gave us all of the information and we were set to be there at the cabin where they met, waiting with him for her to get there. All day long he had people meeting her at different places to give her a password on the website he made for her, full of videos from him, telling her what to do next. Did your heart melt yet? The final one led her right to the cabin in Swan Valley where they first met. He was waiting for her with flowers and candles lighting up the stairs. You can guess how the rest went! It was the perfect night and we areso happy for these two!!




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