Caleb + Celeste | Barber Park Wedding

It’s been a long time coming to get these two on the blog!! Between slow internet speeds and lack of nap time for Jai, I haven’t been able to blog this one until now! Caleb and Celeste were our last wedding before we had baby Jai and it was such a good one to hold us over for our little “baby leave.” Springtime in Boise is so pretty and it’s way better than spring in southeast Idaho! The trees were blooming and the golden light was PERFECT!!! The only indicator that it was spring was the flooding river next to Barber Park and the random moments of a little bit of rain sprinkling down.

Showing up to the getting ready address was the first time we met Celeste and she was SO sweet from the moment we said hello. My favorite part of the getting ready moments is the fact that they are filled with anxious anticipation and excitement. As Celeste and the bridesmaids made their way into the limo, you could see the nerves and joy on her face. Celeste and Caleb chose to do a first look and it gave us so much time for portraits!! Doing a first look is always a good idea (how’s that for a shameless plug :)) because of the extra portrait time it gives you, plus you get to have a quiet moment together to share before the ceremony. We took advantage of all the portrait time they gave us prior and after their ceremony. But wait… They even stepped out of their reception for golden hour photos. It was BEAUTIFUL!

The entire day these two were surrounded by friends, family, and loved ones, who had travelled from near and far. Caleb and Celeste are the kind of people who make an impact on people- it was obvious from the toasts shared and how far people came to be able to support and show love for them. We loved every minute we had with them up until the very end as they left in the rain!



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