Emily & JJ | Idaho Bridals

This past week I took some time to really reflect on 2014 and then where I want 2015 to go. One of the things that I really love to do is blog. And last week I didn’t blog once… Yikes! I have some really great sessions to share with you and a lot of personal blogs to do and photography related posts. This year is a year to blog! And to kick off this new drive to blog every day Monday-Thursday, I’m sharing JJ & Emily’s second bridal session!!  I can’t believe it took me SO long to post these because these are beautiful. JJ had been down in Arizona for an internship so we only had a few days to find time to get these done before the wedding. The day we chose, the snow was lightly falling and the clouds made a perfect softbox for their images.

JJ had no idea what Emily’s dress looked like and it was such a special moment to be there as he saw her in that dress for the first time. It was obvious to me as I watched them through the lens, that he was now seeing her as his bride, his wife, and his companion. The tender moments continued throughout their entire session as he would wrap her in his arms and hold her tight and whisper in her ear. Emily got married in her mother’s dress, you can see those bridals here, and then during this bridal session she changed her look up in the middle by adding a floral crown and it was PERFECT. If you know Emily, this was exactly what this session needed.
Floral Crown: Sassy Flowers
 I loved JJ’s reaction!!
Any time I was setting something up with Emily and asked JJ to hold the camera, he ended up taking pictures. Just wait until you see the ones from their wedding day! 



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