Bumpdate : 23 weeks Baby Peterson Two

How far along? 23 weeks tomorrow!  Size of baby? A bunch of grapes! (YUMMY!)  Maternity clothes? I’m wearing maternity pants with a belt 🙂 And I honestly own 2 maternity tops total from Jai’s pregnancy because of the style of clothes I like make it so I can wear most of my normal shirts and dresses through the whole pregnancy! Sleep? Sleeping with a pillow between my legs to help me stay on my left side. The struggle is real with that! CRAZY, CRAZY dreams. I don’t remember dreaming like this with Jai.  Queasy? My appetite has been all over the place, but honestly, I only felt queasy a couple of times at the very, very beginning!  Cravings? Chocolate ice cream- I NEVER wanted chocolate ice cream prior to this but now it’s my go too!! The chocolate thing is new this pregnancy. Definitely didn’t experience that with Jai. I also love fruit!! Give me all the strawberries and watermelon- the same kind of things I wanted with Jai’s pregnancy! Movement? This little one is a kicker and a mover! The other night as Logan and I were talking it was kicking and punching at the same time 🙂 Logan has felt the baby a few times and I’m really looking forward to Jai feeling it. We also love it when you can see the baby moving while just looking at the belly so we are looking forward to that too! Weird moment this week? We brought the cradle that we used with Jai up to our room to make sure it fits because we never used it at this house. And that’s when things started to really feel real. I also went through a box of blankets/swaddles/baby essential type things from Jai and was mind blown that we have done this before because it’s almost hard to remember doing the newborn thing with Jai.   Best moment this week? Jai has really started to love saying hi to the baby and patting my belly or asking to see my belly to give it a kiss. Looking forward too? Getting my glucose done next week so that’s all done with!! And starting to fill out my Promptly journal for this sweet little one.  Gender? In case you haven’t heard the news… we aren’t finding out the gender until delivery!!! My guess changes on the daily so I’m absolutely ZERO help. Most of our family and friends have said they think it’s a girl!

This pregnancy has been such a blessing and being stuck at home during quarantine has maybe been the best thing. It’s forced me to soak up these moments while it is still just me and Jai man at home. If I think about it too long, my emotions get the best of me. And no, that’s not pregnancy related! Ha! I am just very emotion-driven person. Yesterday Logan and I both expressed nerves about how a second baby will change our lives/family dynamic. We sort of understood how having a baby would change our lives the first time around, but a second one is kind of in the mind-blowing territory. We are also so excited to see the blessing that this one will be in our lives. Jai has been one of the greatest blessings in our lives, with only our marriage and the gospel being up there with it, and we know that adding this sweet little one be another one of those blessings.

Being entirely honest, I love being pregnant!! It always feels like such a miracle!! If you don’t my back story with pregnancy, here’s a little post for you to catch you up!

You can read about Jai’s pregnancy here on the blog too!! See all those posts here



  1. Haley Jolley says:

    You look beautiful Michelle! You always do, but now you have that special pregnancy glow, like there’s some magic going on inside of you! I love it!! You guys are going to handle the transition to 2 just fine! Every new baby is a transition, but you’ll love to see Jai being a big brother.

    • michelleloganphotography says:

      Thank you Haley!!! I’m just now seeing this and it filled me with a lot of hope and excitement!! Jai’s been loving on my belly and talks about the baby all the time! So hopefully that sticks around when baby does come!

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