Here Comes Baby #2 Telling Logan about the Baby

It’s been so long since I’ve been on here to share and write more about us personally it seems. Last wedding season, we were staying on top of the blog and then we got LOCKED OUT for about a month and after that, well let’s just say my blogging didn’t catch up super quick. So along with getting to see all the pretty things from last fall and our 2020 brides, I’ve decided to share more personally again. And that makes me really excited, if you’re not into that and are just here for pretty pictures, that’s totally fine! I get that too, but this is our real life and our business is built around it and on it! So hopefully someone will stick it out and read this other than our moms 🙂 but we love you too Grammy Lu and Grammy Tami so keep reading too!

For those of you who are new around here, you might not know that I struggle with PCOS. Getting pregnant with Jai wasn’t super easy and it took a long time, a year’s worth of ovulation tests, and a lot of faith. You can read more about that here, reading that may answer a lot of questions you might have about PCOS or if you are struggling with it, it will let you know that you are not alone in that!

With this pregnancy, we hadn’t fully started tracking everything again but we did do a couple of ovulation tests and I would ovulate and then I didn’t. So it was kind of iffy and hit and miss. But towards the end of December, I knew something was changing with my body and without telling Logan, I bought pregnancy tests. AH!! I knew my period was supposed to be coming pretty soon and in complete honesty, I have ZERO patience, so I took the test, knowing that I could be pregnant and it would read negative. I prepared myself for that. It was a Sunday and Logan was SO sick in bed with what we later found out was strep throat. I left Jai snuggling up to Logan and went to the bathroom, opened the test and well you know what happens next. As I waited and waited for those lines, I could of swore I saw the most faint pregnant line but I wasn’t sure.

Pacing the bathroom floor, I debated back and forth in my mind about asking Logan what he thought. Was that really a line or was I willing it to be there?! My sense of excitement and need of a second opinion won me over and I was slowly walking into our room with it behind my back.

Now let’s explain what happens when Logan gets sick. It’s ALWAYS a man cold. Always. And this go with strep throat was ROUGH. He was miserable in laying bed, running a fever, and just a mess. Back to the story- as I showed him I asked if he could see that faint line or if I was making it up. Sure enough, he could see it too. And then I hugged him, he sort of smiled and then I apologized profusely for being so lame and telling him that way while he was sick in bed. So exciting huh? I bet you’ve just been waiting to hear a story like that 😉 And just to clarify it was definitely Logan’s idea to post these pictures of Jai on Instagram without mentioning what his shirt says. He thought it was absolutely hilarious.

Now that I’ve got this post out there, I’ll start posting an occasional bump update like I did with Jai man. Speaking of Jai man, he’s a little confused at the fact that only mommy has a baby in her belly. Most days he pulls up his shirt to show us his baby and then asks to see daddy’s belly after seeing mine. One of these days he’ll understand right?!



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