Jai and Buzz Lightyear Friday Favorites

We’re starting a new series for our blog called “Friday Favorites” and it’s going to be where we share some of our favorite things. Some of these posts might be about Logan, Jai, myself, all of us or maybe even a little bit from each of us! To kick it off, we’re going to show you Jai and his current and months of an ongoing obsession with Buzz Lightyear!

Last summer a cute little lady down our street brought us a little bucket of toys that her grandkids had outgrown and no longer played with. In that bucket was Buzz. I put Buzz into our toy basket, but it never caught Jai’s attention. Fast forward to this last November when all three of us were miserably sick and Jai actually was sick enough to watch a show. We turned on Toy Story and he sat through the entire thing!! I went to the toy basket and found Buzz and brought it over to him. It was love at first sight for him.

Since November, that little Buzz has been seriously loved, as well as ALL of the toy story movies. Buzz has been played with so much and so hard that part of his nose has come off (HA!!). Most nights, Logan will put Buzz somewhere in our living room for Jai to find the next day. The best was when he was in Jai’s basketball hoop- Jai couldn’t get enough of that.

For Christmas, Jai’s Auntie Em and Uncle JJ got him a set of Toy Story books that are still read EVERY SINGLE DAY. He knows all of the characters names and points them out by name in the books. My favorite is when he says Slinky or Lotso. Logan always asks what Jesse says and he replies with, “Yee-haw!!”

When our friend brought us some clothes that didn’t fit her son anymore (score), we found a Buzz shirt that was TWO sizes too big for him. That didn’t stop him from insisting to wear that shirt that very night, the next day and at least once a week from then on! Whenever we ask him what he wants to wear, his response is quick every time saying, “Buzz!!”

We can’t wait for Toy Story 4 to come out and take Jai with us! It’s going to be so much fun to see his face when they come up. Logan feels some hesitation about it just because Toy Story 3 ended so perfectly to him, but at least we know Jai will love seeing his good pals Buzz and Woody again!



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