Jai Terry | 8 months

Every month when it comes to write this post I think to myself, HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE!!!!!! How has it already been 8 months since Jai came into our lives? Some days I feel like I have known him my entire life and I didn’t even have a life before he came into it and other days I could swear we were walking into the hospital yesterday to welcome him into this world. But here I am, sharing an update on how the last month of life went with our baby Jai. Also, how long can we keep calling him baby Jai? Until he’s 20? Ok, cool. I am good with that 🙂

This was such a fun month, despite Jai getting the flu. His personality just seemed to come alive SO much and it has been the best. After Jai’s weight check appointment for when he turned 7 months (after he had lost weight at his 6 month appointment), I just kept feeling that Jai wasn’t getting enough milk from me nursing anymore.(so many signs and symptoms went into these feelings) I know he had gone up in weight at the check up, but I felt that it was mainly because of the increase in solid foods. We started supplementing the week after his appointment and 10 days after the appointment we were back at the doctors office for the flu. They weighed him at that appointment and he had gained 17 ounces…. In 10 days, with supplementing- mainly formula and a little nursing- he had gone up the same amount as he had in a whole month of just nursing. Instead of focusing on it right then because Jai was so sick and I couldn’t think about it yet, we got him through those first few tough days of just wanting to snuggle and be held and then I decided it was probably time to be done nursing. That was such a hard decision. It literally was on my mind all day every day. Was this the right thing? Should I keep trying to nurse and just supplement? How can I increase my milk supply? What if Jai just doesn’t handle this well?! Well, the night of my last nursing session, I cried and then prepared a bottle because he didn’t get enough for me. Jai has never looked back- not even once. He loves his bottle and takes formula like a champ. Jai seems full and is so happy. He has even started sleeping through the night again!!

The flu was rough, but it was fast. He woke up one day with a fever that continued to climb despite medicine. Around 12:30, I felt like I really needed to get him into the doctor. We were in at 1:30pm and his fever had gone up to 102.5. Tested positive for the flu and started on medicine the next day. He is never snuggly and all he wanted to do was snuggle and be held. Day two of the medicine and he was back to normal! He hated every time we tried to give him the medicine. It was a struggle! So grateful for the power of priesthood blessings and prayer.

On the 29th of January, Jai woke up after sleeping through the night for the first in a while and he took off crawling. Logan was playing with him before he left for work and I was in the kitchen, Logan called to me and said I should come watch and there he was crawling! Since then, he has become very fast and he loves playing with us as we chase him crawling all over the floor. Because of this crawling and intense speed, I’m not sure how many more weekly photos I’m going to get until he can cool it just a little!! The pictures on this post were tough to get because he’s such a busy body! The same day he started crawling, he learned to get to sitting from his tummy all by himself, started to pull himself up onto things and sat in the grocery cart.. That was too much growing up in one day for me.

This month, we started playing with blocks and he loves them, but he has zero interest in stacking them. He wants mama to build up a tower so he can just knock it down. So we do that for awhile until he decides the vents look like more fun to play with. We are trying to figure out how to get him to stop playing with those because I’m worried his little fingers will get stuck!! We have been going to story time at the library with a friend who had her baby a month before Jai. He loves music and singing and has really seemed to enjoy that! It’s been fun to learn new songs with him.

Jai had ice cream and is definitely our child with how much he loved it!!! You couldn’t give it to him fast enough! He loves food!! He doesn’t really spit things out anymore and you can usually find us singing and dancing to the soundtrack for Greatest Showman during lunch time… or any time for that matter. We surprised Auntie Em at the airport and picked her up when she flew in. We loved the time we had with her. FaceTimed my niece who is 4 months younger than Jai and they just babbled back and forth! There are 3 cousins within 4 months of each other. It’s going to be so much fun as they grow up. Jai started making fishy lips this month and he thinks it is hilarious when we do it back to him. His crib got lowered because of how much he has been pulling himself up- he hasn’t done it in his crib yet, but it’s coming! He likes to kiss himself in the mirror and it’s hilarious!!

He says mama and dada but it hasn’t ever seemed totally on purpose- he usually says mama when he wants something. Everything else is dada. Wearing 6-9 months clothes and size 3 diapers. Sleeping through the night most of the time and napping twice a day! Current favorite book- disney milestones book from my Aunt Janice or Mustache Baby. Still no teeth, although he has two that keep trying to push up and then go back down. Maybe soon! Loves to jump and walk, I’m hunched over most of the day because he just wants to hold my hands and walk around. He still loves playing peek a boo and is giving kisses, high fives (ish), and clapping!

Michelle & Logan & Jai Michelle & Logan & Jai Michelle & Logan & Jai These next 2 are of Jai when he was sick- so sad!!  the craziest bath hair
First time in a shopping cart



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