Labor Day Weekend 2017

I never knew how much I would love Labor Day until Logan started his job. Knowing that we would have a complete day off of work together made me so happy!!! The 3 day weekend was exactly what I needed and I loved our time at the Eastern Idaho State Fair and Rigby Lake.

Some of my favorite moments from the fair was trying a Philly Cheesesteak loaded with the works and it was sooooo yummy. Since having Jai I have been a little more willing to try new things and that one was a winner!! My favorite booth to go to is the magician. He won me over last year with a killer performance and I watched him again and was so mind blown! Be sure to check him out! And I loved sitting on a little patch of grass with Logan as we ate our brown cow and rootbeer float with Jai just snoozing in the stroller! He was a champ and slept basically the entire time we were there.

Logan and I have missed days at the lake this summer because I was getting used to nursing and being a mom in general. Plus, going to the lake is a lot harder with a baby than just the two of us. We went with some of my family and it was so much fun to be out on the lake on my mom’s kayak and paddleboard.  At one point, Logan and I left Jai with my parents and headed out on them and we just sat in the middle of the lake talking- that was one of my favorite memories at the lake. My second favorite part was sitting Jai in the water and dipping his toes. It was the perfect 3 day weekend and I can’t wait for the next one!!



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