Martin Family in the Summer

This family… man there’s a lot I can say about them but I will start off by saying I love the Martin family! They have been supporting me in my photography from the VERY beginning and I mean the very beginning, selective coloring and all- YIKES, I know!

One of the things I feel like I’m a huge advocative for is taking family pictures, even when I took a few years off from it, I still knew how important they were. These are photos that literally preserve your family in this time frame forever!! The Martin family has a pattern of taking them every other year and this past year we might have taken my favorite photos of their family EVER. And they aren’t my favorite just because they brought Tank, their family bulldog, along too.

If my initial statement of why family photos are so important let me elaborate on that! I just went to see the Martin family a few days ago and Coby, their older son, literally just grew what seemed like two feet in a matter of a couple months. Your kids and family are changing so quickly and there’s no better time than NOW to start capturing them to always be able to look back on them at this age.

My time with the Martin family is always the best and this year we were laughing the entire time! Ryan has a way of bringing the best smiles and to everyone’s faces just by fully embracing his dad role! It’s so great to see how much fun he brings into his kids lives.

Don’t even get me started on Kim. She has been one of the most influential people in my life and I am beyond grateful for everything she has done for me. She was my leader in our young womens program in our church from the time I was 12-18. Kim really is one of the best of the best!

And the Martin kids, honestly, I just love them all! I grew up babysitting them and am amazed at who they are becoming and how fast they have grown up. Rylie is going to be a senior next year and has babysat Jai for us. How has that happened?!

Enjoy some of my very favorites from their session!



  1. Kimberly Martin

    April 11th, 2019 at 11:55 am

    Michelle is our favorite photographer! We have always loved her as a person, but as a photographer she is able to capture personality & memories that we can treasure forever!
    My kids had so much fun at the photo session! It’s usually something they dread, but Michelle keeps it fun & quick & she always knows the perfect location!
    Thank you Michelle! Love, The Martins

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