Our 5th Anniversary A surprise from Logan

Five years of marriage. Where the heck did that go?! This is the point where we are no longer considered newlyweds, how is that possible? I can distinctly recall all the feelings from our wedding day- driving to the temple with my parents and being terrified because the roads were so bad because of the blizzard happening, waiting inside the temple for Logan and worrying that he would slide off the road driving to the temple, sitting in a sealing room and talking with our sealer prior to going to our sealing, driving away from the temple and at the roundabout looking over at Logan and asking him, “did that really just happen? are we really married?” Those emotions and memories come back so quickly whenever I let myself sit and think about it. This morning Logan gave me a present that will help me relive that day in a way that is even sweeter. It had me crying before 8am….

Big shout out and thanks to Emily, Logan’s sister, for shooting all of these clips and giving him all of these clips over a year ago when she found them all on a computer. Logan knows how to keep a secret real good. He stayed up way too late last night finishing that up, but I will cherish and love this forever.

I really have no words to explain how I feel about Logan. He is my everything. He knows me better than I know myself a lot of the times. He looks at me every day with eyes full of love. He always sees so much more in me than I see and he never hesitates to tell me. I laugh every day because of him and that’s not even an exaggeration. I have found a happiness that I didn’t know was possible through him. Everything about me has been changed because of him- I think about who I was before Logan and it feels me with so much gratitude knowing everything that he has done for me. It’s been five years, but in the words of Jack Pearson (if you don’t know who that is… COME ON!!!)  “our love story is just getting started.” Happy anniversary Logan. I love you!



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