Our 6 Year Anniversary Video What we want our kids to know

This last weekend we went out and celebrated our SIX year anniversary! To celebrate we ate at Texas Roadhouse after waiting for 45 minutes for a table, the food was worth it. We laughed about the difference between couples who were there on as a dating couple and those who were there as a married couple. Have you ever done that? It’s something we do almost every time we go out.

Marriage is one of those things that stands out in our minds as incredibly important. From the time that we were dating, we committed to wanting to have an incredibly strong marriage. We told each other that we wanted to keep dating and always continue to have a strong marriage. That meant that before we had kids we wanted it to be strong and once the kids came we were even more determined to make it strong.

I’ve always had this idea in my mind that I have wanted our kids to grow up seeing their parents go on dates, kiss, be playful, and so in love. I’ve wanted that for them because I want them to want that in their own lives! I want them to find so much happiness in marriage!

A couple of months ago, I went to Logan with an idea that we should interview ourselves to make a video for our kids on all of our anniversaries. Sure, we’ve already missed 5 of them, but why not start now?! I wanted our kids to be able to watch these videos and see how much mom and dad loved each other.

We wrote down our questions ahead of time and gave ourselves a couple of days to think them over without talking (except for one) and then we started recording. I wish you could see all of the bloopers, but I cut down the video as much as possible for it to be shorter!



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