Promptly Journal Giveaway Baby Must Haves

Every time I see posts about what are your baby must haves, my Promptly journal is one of the very first and only things that I really suggest. We have a pretty short list of must-haves for a baby, but this one might be at the top of my list or tied. I never felt like we HAD to have something but this is one of the things I had my eye on before we got pregnant and when I saw them on sale, I had to buy one. It’s a journal that starts with pregnancy and goes until your child is 18. They have these childhood history journals and adoption journals!! Another thing they offer is love story journals and if you know me at all, I’m all about leaving a legacy of love for your kids and grandkids to look to as an example so that journal is right up my alley. But back to the baby journal!

I am terrible at journaling- my grandma is an incredible journaler. She literally has so many notebooks full and apparently, I didn’t get that genetic trait or her green thumb. Seeing how quickly Jai grows and how fast I forget things, I know that this journal is helping me remember it all. One of the things I struggle most with journaling is the idea of staring at a blank page and feeling overwhelmed or unsure of what to write. This takes out all of the guesswork! It asks you questions and gives you prompts on what to write about. Some of these questions are things I never would have even thought to write down and I’m so glad I have them now. Being honest, just a few weeks ago I ordered personal pictures for the first time since Jai was born- YIKES! I had so many to print and I ended up adding 2 images to each of the photo pages in the journal, yes you read that right, there’s even photo pages in this journal!!! I know, I know, it sounds too good to be true, but it’s the real deal. Flipping through it and being able to see exactly how baby Jai was in that month, at those stages is priceless!! Jai thinks pretty highly of himself too and loves to look through all the photos with me and I’m excited for the day when he is old enough to understand and I will be able to share some of these stories with him- like how he was terrified of the fish at the aquarium or how he loves his blanket so much or the fact that when he hears the garage door opening, he is on his way to see his daddy with a big grin on his face or how he started shaking his booty and making us laugh.

One little tip for how I keep track of more day to day type things is that I try to write in a planner every night or every other night and put in bullet points of what we did or fun things that happened. This has helped me so, so much as I have filled in his journal!

Because I love my own Promptly Journal, I have teamed up wit Promptly to give away a journal to TWO lucky winners!! To be entered, all you need to do it follow me on Instagram @michelleandlogan, like the giveaway post and tag some friends!! Good luck!! The winner will be drawn on this Friday night, April 20th!!



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