Stockton & Makenna | Wedding Video Idaho Falls Temple Wedding Video

It’s always one of our favorite things to be able to work with the same family for multiple occasions and we’ve worked with Stockton’s family now for 3 different weddings. I know that I can always count on their family to make us laugh and for it to be a fun time working with them. I’m pretty sure Logan might not always be able to remember these different things, but when Stockton and Makenna told me that his parents were going to be there for the first look sessions, I knew we would be laughing plenty with his dad. Sure enough, as Clay and Lori pulled up to the temple with us in plain sight, the cat calls started coming and we were all laughing!! I tell you that story for you to know that we spent so much time with these two laughing and having the best time and that made their wedding video come together in the best way. As Logan worked through it and showed me different clips, I’m not sure we’ve ever seen a bride so happy and giddy to be married- especially during their first dance!! Enjoy their wedding video!!





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