The Wedding Giveaway WINNER!!!

When Logan and I first started talking about the wedding giveaway, we (mainly me) were a little worried that we wouldn’t get much response. That no one would be excited for this, but it has been such an amazing experience for us to get to read and hear all the love stories and wedding day plans. Last Monday when the voting started, I checked Facebook more times than I care to admit. I watched the votes go up and couldn’t help but feel the excitement and wonder at what couple would win. Now that all the voting has finished up, it’s an exciting day on the blog for a lucky couple.

Today we are so happy to announce that Taylor and Brianna won the giveaway for their wedding photo collection!! We will be traveling to Spokane and northern Idaho in May to celebrate their big day with them!!

We cannot thank everyone enough for entering and voting!!

Taylor and Brianna Wedding Giveaway



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