Wedding Giveaway FINALISTS!!!

We are SO grateful for all the entries we received for our wedding giveaway!! As we read through many INCREDIBLE love stories, we had one of those moments. That moment where we knew what we are doing matters!! What we are doing is something to be cherished and valued. And how lucky are we. We get to spend our time with these couples who treasure and cherish their love and marriage. We cannot wait to see who this wedding goes too.

Voting is simple! Go to our Facebook page and find the couple you want to vote for and click like!! The couple with the most likes on their image on our Facebook page at 11:59 PM on Sunday February 7th will win their wedding photography package!! To learn a little bit more about all of our finalists, keep reading and then go vote!!


Jason and Jade

According to these two, it was clearly meant to be. They had such a small chance to meet and fall in love, but it happened easily for them.

They are excited to be getting married in Twin Falls in April!!

Jade and Jason Wedding Giveaway

Jaese and Kennedy

These two have been in love for awhile now, but with their recent addition of their son Crüe, their love only grew.

They will be getting married on top of the Sundance resort in July!
Kennedy and Jaese Wedding giveawayAaron and McKensey

When these two met, it’s a good thing McKensey wasn’t shy like Aaron- she introduced herself and Aaron couldn’t believe his luck! A mutual friend set them up on a date after that and the rest is history!

They are getting married in May in Logan, Utah.

Aaron and McKensey Wedding giveaway

Derek and Akza

We aren’t the only ones with a love for travel. These two probably even have us beat!! They’ve been together for over 2 years now and have spent that time traveling all over together!

Their wedding will be in April in Texas!

Akza and Derek Wedding GiveawayWyatt and Brianna

These two have mastered the long distance relationship with Wyatt being in the army and living apart. They cherish and enjoy every moment they get to be together!

Their wedding will be happening at a barn in Utah in October once Wyatt returns from deployment.
Brianna and Wyatt Wedding GiveawayTaylor and Brianna

Timing was everything for these two. When they first met, it was instant friend zoned. But a friendship lasted them a few years and everything fell into place after that!

These two will be getting married in May in Spokane!Taylor and Brianna Wedding Giveaway Cody and Alexis

Alexis says it better than we ever could- “I am not the best with words, and our love story isn’t that of fairytales, but you won’t find another couple who loves each other more than we do. Cody isn’t just my future husband, he’s my very best friend.”

These two are getting married in July in Utah!
Alexis and Cody Wedding giveawayHead over to Facebook to vote!!



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