Welcome to the Vlog St. George Family Vacation

Well, I wish we could say that we just got back from our little Peterson family trip just last week but it’s already been over a month!! I have had this video done since the week we came home and have been holding off to post it because we wanted to create a fun little intro that will be at the beginning of all of our vlogs from now on… it just hasn’t been finished yet and this video already feels so dated and Jai has changed so much! We wanted to start a vlog to create more real home videos that include our voices and our every day life so that our kids have videos to look back on. It’s a mix of videos on our dslr cameras and now our vlog camera; we just know how much we loved having our home videos to watch of us as kids and we don’t want all of our videos of our kids stuck in the cloud or on our iPhones. So watch, don’t watch, subscribe to our YouTube channel or don’t, it doesn’t bother us!! I won’t be blogging all of our vlogs so if you do want to see them, the best way would be to subscribe on youtube!

We had the best time in St. George with Logan’s family celebrating Paul’s birthday and being together!! Time together always goes so fast, but we really loved it all. Seeing Jai play and interact with his cousins, the late nights swimming in the pool and hot tub, the coolest park ever (Tonaquint Park), and just being on our first vacation with Jai.



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