Zack and Courtney | Carnival State Fair Anniversary Session

This year when the east Idaho state fair rolled around, I knew that we HAD to make photos of a couple happen because every year I always regret not doing it. After eating cotton candy, playing games, and running around the fair with Zack and Courtney, I know that this is going to be happening every year now!! It was one of the most fun things we’ve ever done at the fair!! If you missed out on the state fair this year, mark it on your calendar for next year and shoot us an email and let’s get your photos taken there next year 😉

Zack is the president of the Rexburg Kiwanis club and spent SOOOOO much time at the fair working in their booth and making sure it was running smoothly, but when this evening came around, we only stopped there to ditch our gear and really play once we were all done with pictures. Zack and Courtney aren’t just lovey and ridiculously happy together in photos, these two are the real deal. I’ve never met a more playful, fun, and go with it couple. All the carnies were laughing, yelling, or poking fun at us, but that didn’t bother them one bit when we asked them to smooch in the middle of all the fair chaos. And then they had to kiss again and again and again.

I think my favorite time of day to hit the fair is at dusk when those fair lights first come on. It’s like a little bit of magic! The other thing that seemed like magic? The fact that neither of these two got sick on the Scrambler as they spun around and around and around!! Zack said he’s puke free since ’03 and I’m glad we didn’t break that streak! Be sure to watch the video to watch them spin around!



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