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Courtney’s Coaching Session

Last week I had the chance to spend some time one on one with Courtney in a coaching/mentoring session. A few weeks ago, her husband sent me an email wanting to get something set up for her as a surprise. I found out later that the surprise aspect didn’t really happen because he was too excited to tell her. He’s been watching Courtney grow and wanted to do something to give her a boost and to have a chance to learn from something outside of webinars. He believes in her and is so encouraging and uplifting to her. Isn’t that so sweet?!

For Courtney’s coaching session, we set up a mini shoot with Adam and Taylor for her to be able to see how I interact with my couples, how I manage posing and directing, camera settings, and it gave her a chance to shoot too! After finishing up that little mini shoot, we grabbed some new headshots for her as she continues to grow and create her business. The only bad part about this part of her coaching session was we realized she is allergic to cotton and cotton was blowing out of the trees while we were shooting. I felt so bad, but at least now she knows what she’s allergic to0… right Courtney?! 🙂  We spent the rest of our time together going over all of her questions, setting goals, finding ways to help her grow in her photography, and we even went over my editing  after our little mini shoot with Taylor and Adam. I loved my time with Courtney because it gave me the chance to learn about where she was in her life and business and reassure her that she is not the only one! I felt those same feelings and had those same concerns, heck I still do.

Here’s a few of my favorite headshots of Courtney and a little look at the images we took of Adam and Taylor. If you are interested in a coaching session, send me an email-

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