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First Impressions | The Beginning

Logan and I have been married for one year and 4 months, but we have been together for 2 years and 2 months. Some days I feel like I have known Logan my whole life and that we have always been together and other days I still feel like we met yesterday. It’s one of those weird things about time and I know you know exactly what I’m talking about. I had so many ideas for what I wanted to blog about today, but I really felt like today was a day to show you what Logan and I were like in the beginning of our relationship. Last night I had another engagement session and I couldn’t help but think that I know my couples so well, but they don’t always know me and Logan except for the fact that we are weird together and Logan is always making them laugh when we try to take a serious picture! Today is the beginning of a new blog series called “Impressions” for you to get to know our relationship from the beginning to now!

My relationship with Logan was kind of weird in my opinion. I knew really quickly after we started dating that things could be really serious with us and I was absolutely terrified, but I also wanted to remember the little things from our relationship. Because of that, I wrote down on a Microsoft Word document about every single time I saw him, what happened, and anything funny that was said. Looking back now it was the best thing I could have done. Now we can go through all these things and laugh together at how funny we were when we tried to be flirty and all the things that come with dating.

In November of 2011, I was getting ready to go to my first semester at BYU-Idaho. My soon to be roommate, messaged me about running and staying in shape to make sure that freshman 15 didn’t get us. I eagerly replied that it sounded like a good plan. My next time off from work at Downeast Basics in the mall, I went to scope out Foot Locker. As I walked in and noticed the two employees there, I hoped the one with blonde hair would come to help me. As I picked up a few different shoes, not really sure what I was looking for, I heard a clunk of a boot cast coming towards me. My eyes looked up to see the blonde hair employee smiling at me and asking if I needed help. I quickly told him I was just looking for running shoes and wasn’t sure what to get. He recommended that I try on the Nike Free’s 2.0. When he came back with my size of shoes in hand, I started asking him the questions about his boot cast. “There was a little boy playing in the street by my parent’s house and a car was going to hit him. I jumped in the road to save the boy and ended up breaking my ankle.” “Really?! That is incredible!” Laughing, he changes his story, “Actually, I was just playing soccer, but that’s a boring story!” Walking out of the store with my new Nikes in hand, I laughed thinking about that blonde hair, blue-eyed employee. He was funny and very handsome, but I left without asking his name.

Fast forward to March 5, 2012, I dove between my FHE groups legs to throw a bowling ball straight to the gutter and laughed when I stood up, brushing the dust from my clothes. My eyes scanned over all my friends, enjoying this moment with all of them. My gaze held on my friend Kenon. He was talking to someone I didn’t know. And this stranger was handsome. That blonde hair and perfect smile was enough to cause a flutter in my stomach. My legs took my forward to interrupt their conversation, just to introduce myself. Logan… He not only had the perfect smile, but bright blue eyes. “Do you want to play mini-golf with us?” The words just seemed to slip from my mouth. As Logan stood at the counter to get his golf club, my whisper to Kenon was quick, “You have to set me up on a date with him.” Kenon laughed at me. As we walked into the mini golf course, my nerves were on end. Logan was cute, really cute. And I was terrible at mini golf. My mind was coming up with conversation starters, anything that would leave an impression with him. Around hole 3, I had the idea to make the game really fun. I challenged him to do a somersault to the ball and instantly hit the ball. At the next hole, Logan said, “Alright, spin around 5 times and then hit the ball.” I couldn’t help but laugh as I spun around, around, around, around, and around again. This was going to be fun. The rest of the course went smoothly. Logan was a charmer- he would tease, joke, and go along with anything. When we walked out of the course, I hoping that I would get a chance to see him again.

An hour later, I quickly answered a phone call from Kenon. “So you want to go on a date with Logan?” “Ya!! That would be so fun!” “OK, we will be there in 5 minutes.”

Pulling into the Broulims parking lot, Kenon turned to us, “You guys need to find cool-whip and graham cracker crust.” The questions came from me about his mission and the has returned them by asking me about where I was from. “A Shelley Russet?!” I laughed along at his jokes, that I’d heard a thousand times in high school about my mascot. Back at the apartment, Kenon continued to give orders as he made his famous cheesecake that sets “quickly.” While we anxiously waited for it to be done setting, the first date set of questions continued. I asked, “Where do you work?” “Foot Locker and Olive Garden” ” What do you like to do?” “Play soccer…” “WAIT!! Did you break your ankle playing soccer a few months ago?” “Yes?” “You sold me a pair of shoes!” And here I was, on a date with the handsome Foot Locker employee who was nameless in my mind… but now I had a name to put to a face… Logan

As the date ended with a cheesecake disaster, I stepped out of the car and got a “nice to meet you” as Logan turned and walked away.. No hug, no swapping numbers, just nice to meet you.

Logan took this picture for our FHE group, but that is what I looked like when Logan met me!

A month went by… A MONTH! I hadn’t heard from him except a couple comments back and forth on Facebook and I knew that it meant that he wasn’t interested. As the semester was wrapping up, I read a text from Kenon about a party that I needed to come too. On April 9, 2012, I sent a reply saying I would be there. We were sitting around the table playing games that were making my cheeks hurt from laughing so hard when the doorbell rang. After yelling, “Come in,” the door was opened and there he was. That blonde hair, blue-eyed Logan. My nerves went into full swing. “Be shy, act like it’s no big deal he’s here,” I kept telling myself. But as he was pulling the chair across from me from the table, I smiled and the blush crept into my cheeks. Looking away, forcing myself to focus on the game, Balderdash. As my eyes looked up, I caught Logan’s gaze. He was staring right at me. The blush crept back into my cheeks as he smiled that perfect smile at me. I looked back to my cards, back up, cards, Logan, cards Logan. I could feel my focus completely slipping as the game ended. As the few of  us left headed downstairs, Kenon whispered to me, “You two are flirting without saying a single word.” My cheeks burned and the smile crept to my lips. I quickly took a seat on the couch, and waited with butterflies in my stomach, hoping he would sit by me. As he took the seat right next to me, my heart was going to pound out of my chest. The movie was turned on and instinct kicked in. A tickle war ensued through the whole movie, even though I’m not that ticklish. As I reached out to stop his hand from finding my side and forcing a laugh to be ticklish, he grabbed my hand for what felt like hours, and then let his hand fall back to the couch. I reached over to tickle him and he held my hand and didn’t let go. That night as I got ready to go, he hugged me for the first time and asked me to meet him when he got off at work the next Thursday, April 12, before 4:15 to see him.

I went back and forth in my mind trying to decide if it was a good idea to go see Logan at Foot Locker or if he really wanted to see me, it was like the scene in Tangled when Rapunzel left her tower and goes back and forth, back and forth, that scene perfectly describes all women. My heart couldn’t stop reminding me of the way he looked at me, the way his eyes crinkled in the corners when he laughed, and the way my heart jumped through the roof when he grabbed my hand, and those feelings finally won me over, so I showed up to Foot Locker 15 minutes before he got off work to see if he really wanted to spend time with me. I surprised him because he thought that with it being so close to him getting off I wouldn’t come in and he was kind of sad about it! He showed me some new Nike Free Runs that came into the store in bright fun colors. He asked which color I liked best and I chose the bright pink. Because he got off in a few minutes he asked if I wanted to grab ice cream or something after, and I agreed! It was then that he got my phone number and we met at Cold Stone for the first of many ice cream dates.

I don’t normally open up to people about all my hopes, goals, and reasons for me being me in the first bit of knowing someone, but during that hour of sitting there after our ice cream cups were empty, we both shared those things with one another, and I already felt like I had known him my whole life. It was the 4th time I had seen him including when he was selling me shoes and his sob story of breaking his ankle and I was thinking he was WAY too good to be true.

To be continued!

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