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Gabe & Shanley | The Anniversary Sessions

It’s time to say hello to “The Anniversary Session” and introduce you to what it is all about!! A big part of the rebrand is the focus on marriage and all things love. Logan and I are firm believers in marriage and that it isn’t some dreamy thing that happens after you say “I do.” Marriage is choosing each other every day. It is choosing love. And not only choosing love, but working at it. When I used to offer family sessions, I was always amazed when I asked the parents how long it had been since they had a nice picture of the two of them and they would usually say they hadn’t had one since their wedding day. That is where the idea started. As I have looked back on our marriage, it is so obvious to me that we love each other differently today than we did when we got married. That is the kind of love I want to capture for you. Your love that has faced trials, decisions, and has filled your soul.

These sessions are for anyone who is married, regardless of having kids or not. If you have kids, find a sitter, because the wife will be getting her makeup done by Hair and Makeup by Michelle. And then it’s time to capture your love!!

Gabe & Shanley were the first couple to be part of The Anniversary Session and I could not have loved it more. While Shanley and I were emailing about the session and getting ideas for locations and outfits, I knew she was going for a look I loved! We were going for the soft, romantic style with a lace dress… I knew it was going to be perfect. As I listened to these two talk about their future plans, it was so easy and plain to see that their love is full of support for one and their dreams. It is a love that believes in happiness and laughter. More than anything, it’s a love you can feel simply by being in their presence. This is love.

 Stunning Shanley!

 Love this one!!! 

 One of my favorites!

 Another favorite!

 My very favorite!! I can’t get over this one!

MUA- Hair and Makeup by Michelle

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