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Impressions | Favorite Dates

It’s been a few days since the blog has seen some love and it sure needs some!! I have so many things to blog about and I think I need to catch you all up a little more on the story of Logan and I!
The last time I was telling this story I told you about Logan going to the hospital, chocolate shoes, and falling in love.

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Logan and I saw each other at least 4 days out of each week while we were dating. I remember feeling like I couldn’t see him enough and feeling like it was forever in between seeing him while we were dating even though we saw each other so often!!

We went on SO many dates, spent lots of money on those dates, and dressed up nice for each other. While I would not trade those dates for anything, I love our dates now just as much that consist of Redbox movies, sweat pants, and pizza.

But there are a few dates that I absolutely loved while we were dating that happened soon after the kidney stones.

May 15, 2012- Almost two weeks after the hospital incident we went to play a little bit of soccer with some of his friends and then we all headed off to make smores. But this is where it gets good… While we were driving after dropping off his friends, Just the Way You Are came on the radio and he busted out singing and he wasn’t just singing.. He was singing to me!! He inserted my name into the song and ever since it’s always been my song from him. So cheesy, I know! Logan pulled up at a park and asked if I wanted to walk around. As we got out of the car, our hands found each other and our fingers interlaced as we made our way to the sidewalk. On that late spring night, as we talked about the rest of the year and the different school semesters, I spent my time wondering about how long it would take for us to start talking about the way our semesters would fit together as we went at the same time instead of just his or my schedules. I was ready to look at them like “our” schedule.

I know you are thinking I sound just like one of those super crazy people!

When we got to the drinking fountain, I bent down to take a drink and instead turned to splash the water I had cupped in my hand on him.  As I ran away to avoid being splashed back, I heard him laughing and definitely gaining on me so I dodged behind a tree. As we would each peek around the trees, slowly creeping from one to the next hiding from each other, the hiss of the sprinklers started. We found each other, grabbed hands, and took off running through them. It didn’t matter that it wasn’t a really hot day and we were getting soaked, it only mattered that in that moment, I was completely happy. This boy had brought out more of myself than anyone else ever had and every moment spent with him was one more reason to be in love with him.

May 25, 2012- A little over a week later we went on another perfect date. Logan wouldn’t tell me a single thing about what he had planned for our night, but he told me that it would be fun. He picked me up as soon as I was done with school and we headed over to Fat Cats because we never got to play against each other when we first met there. It’s safe to say that I beat him pretty good that day, but if you ask him, he was just being nice and letting me win. Who do you believe? Bowling was fun, but it was the next part of the date that really got me. After we left the bowling alley, Logan took me to the Kraze to play Deal or No Deal. Who doesn’t love arcade games?! They were fun as a kid, but personally I like them so much better now! He let me take a turn picking a case and we finished that round with just a few tickets, then he wanted a turn to pick the case. He picked case #11. As we played the whole game, we realized that one of the cases left had A TON of tickets in it… 400 to be exact.. and instead of taking those lame offers from the bank, we stuck with case 11 and it was oh so lucky!! We on 400 tickets and it took forever to get them all out of the machine. As we stood at the ticket counter trying to decide what to do with 400 tickets, we watched a little boy start counting his tickets. He was so excited about the tickets that he had, but Logan looked at me and said, let’s keep one for our memories, but let’s give them to him. We walked over to him and said hello and drowned him in our piles of tickets. As we walked away and out the door, I looked back to see the look of the greatest excitement on this boy’s face and then I turned to look at Logan. He was too good, too sweet, and no way it was really this good.

But then as we got into the car he asked, if I would mind if we had dessert first. And anyone who wants dessert first has won the key to my heart. The rest of the date was wonderful, but it was such a perfect date because he took me to do the little things and I had the best time just because I was with him.

This story is getting to the good stuff! You won’t want to miss the next couple impressions posts coming your way!

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  1. Ahh! So sweet! Love reading these.

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