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Impressions | Kidney Stones and Chocolate Shoes

Last Thursday there wasn’t a post and yesterday’s is coming in late because in my life there are a couple things that come before my business and my husband is one of them. We have been spending time together with my family who is all in together for the first time since Christmas. Just you wait for that blog post! At the workshop with Abbey Kyhl, I learned about prioritizing my life and I knew that I needed to make sure some things came first. Today you will get two posts!

Last time you read an impressions post I told you about impression #10 and our first kiss! But this post is important because it has a bit to do with our proposal!!! If you have missed any of the first parts of this series you can find them at the following:

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The semester that Logan and I were dating was hectic and crazy for me. I was taking 16 credits and some of the classes were really pushing me in areas that I didn’t understand as well. Plus, dating Logan didn’t help me stay focused on anything. All my free time was spent with him and I studied as little as possible to get more free time. Just a few short weeks into the semester and into us dating on May 2, 1012, as I sat in one of my classes, my phone vibrated with a text from his mom saying that Logan was in the hospital. That was enough to make me want to jump out of my chair and sprint to the hospital but I was in a class that I needed to stay to try to learn the material. The next text gave me some relief when it said that he was there for kidney stones. Relief swept through me when I realized I wouldn’t have to go in and see him with a broken arm or something cut open. I have four older brothers and they went to the hospital enough times that I know that I don’t like being in the hospital very much and seeing people that way. And then she told me that Logan wanted to see me when I could come over.

As that class ended I was rushing off to my last class of the day to attempt to focus on the things on the board that my teacher was writing. When the end of class finally rolled around, I made a beeline to my apartment. I quickly packed my backpack full of the things I needed to try study that night, hopped into my car and made my way to the hospital. I took the elevator to floor 2 and my stomach flip flopped knowing that his mom would be there and it was kind of a big deal for me to come to see him. As I walked in and noticed a little bit of a dazed, sleepy look on his face I had to laugh. He was so drugged up. His mom had rented come RedBox movies but she was going to take off. As I sat next to Logan’s bed, held his hand, and chatted about my day and his kidney stones, I found myself laughing and enjoying every little moment with him. He drifted off to sleep and I realized that being in the hospital with Logan was OK. I could be there with him and not feel anxious to get out. It was then that I let myself think for a split moment, “I could be anywhere with him and enjoy it.” That night he fell asleep watching the movie Hop and I woke him up to leave and told him I’d be back in the morning.

The next day my second class had been cancelled and that left me with the rest of the day wide open. I went to my apartment got my bag full of homework again and took off for the hospital. Logan’s dad was there and they were chatting it up and spending time together. I stayed for about 15 minutes and talked with Logan and his dad. Paul had just gotten there and that gave Logan someone to keep him company and I used that excuse to go home and take a nap and do some homework. Around 5, I went back to the hospital and Logan’s dad took off. We picked up right where we had been last night. We laughed, talked, and held hands. This time as he drifted off to sleep I sat in the corner working on homework and I looked up at him and the rest of my life. With him was exactly where I wanted to be. Anywhere he was, I wanted to be and I wanted to be his. Ya, totally crazy I know because we had only been dating a short time, but I knew that only forever would be long enough to have with him.

After that thought and life changing realization sunk in, I quietly crept out into the hallway away from his room to call my sister in law Carrie. I needed to talk to someone about what I was feeling to have someone tell me how crazy I really was. But when I started telling her about this boy I had been dating she told me there was something different in my voice. There was something different about this boy and she could feel it. It was then that I shared with her that I thought that my forever had to include him. And I knew I wasn’t crazy to want to have him in my life forever.

When I walked back in Logan looked at me so confused and asked, “Where’s your chocolate shoes?” I laughed out loud as I closed the gap between my and him and sat on his bed next to him, kissed his cheek lightly and asked what he was talking about with those chocolate shoes. He laughed, I laughed and he told me he was having dreams about me wearing chocolate shoes and that the drugs to help with the pain were giving him the weirdest dreams.

 His drugged smile

Logan’s mom and sister came back to the hosptial with a Jamba Juice for him and my roommates came up and dropped off dinner for me. We all laughed about the chocolate shoes story and talked for a little while. When my roommates went to leave I walked out with them and told them that I was probably crazy but I thought I could marry Logan. One of them replied to me, “Well duh!” I walked back to his room with my pillow and blanket so I could stay the night on the little chair in his room and settled in watching Bedtime Stories. I fell asleep quickly and when I woke up the movie was over. I asked Logan to tell me a bed time story planning on something really funny when he started telling me our story. I was so enveloped in our own story coming from him in his words through his eyes, when he ended it with a girl and boy sitting around a campfire and laughed. He had given me such a wacky ending to our love story so far, but I knew that he meant every single word before that.

We put in the movie Tangled to try to get him to fall back asleep and we stayed awake until my favorite scene, the lanterns. I could rewind that part of the movie a million times because I love it so much. The romance, the lighting, the song, all of it! We both fell asleep and I woke up to the nurse’s voice asking Logan if she could check his vitals. He didn’t know I was awake when the nurse asked, “Is this your wife?” “No, she’s my girlfriend.” And I felt myself grinning ear to ear as I slipped back into sleep.

I fell in love with Logan in room 2005 at the Madison Memorial Hospital, but I wouldn’t say those words out loud for almost 2 more months…

To be continued

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