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Impressions | Meeting the Family and Strawberry Banana Milk

The next section to the story of Logan and I is picking up right where the last one left off. If you missed that one, check it out here. Our relationship seemed perfect and I was smitten. He was already sweeping me off my feet and making it so easy to fall in love with him. I wasn’t really sure why I kept writing everything down that happened, but each time I have looked over these, I am so grateful that I did. I have been able to remember many things about our relationship and things that that I loved and enjoyed during our relationship because of it. And now I get it share it all with you!

I won’t always go over each and every “impression” that I wrote down, but those ones with the little details that are just too good to forgot and leave out will be included. Plus, we all know we love a good love story and I’d like to say that ours is pretty wonderful!

April 14, 2012, our fifth impression and only two days after we sat and ate talked for an hour at Cold Stone, we saw each other again. The thing about working at Olive Garden is that sometimes you are an extra and don’t have to work. I was going to the mall with my mom, sad that I had missed his earlier shift at Foot Locker, but I wanted to talk to him again. Most girls would say I was crazy, but I called him to talk and see what he was doing. When he told me he was about to walk back into the mall after finding out he didn’t have to work at OG he was going to pick up some shoes for me! What he didn’t know is I was in the hall close by and I watched (totally sound like a creeper right now) as he turned the corner and his smile when he would talk to me was enough to make me want to melt into a puddle on the floor. He liked talking to me and was happy that I called.. I was over the moon about it. I told him to look up and our eyes met as we closed the gap between the two of us. He gave me a hug, told me he was going to pick up the shoes and invited me to hang out that night. I had some things to take care of and I wasn’t going to be able to make it; while that was true, I was also trying to be kind of hard to get and not put myself totally out there. I know, so sly Michelle, so sly.

The very next day I was on my way back to BYU-Idaho for spring semester and Rigby happens to be a stop on the way to Rexburg. I told him I would come pick up my shoes and he invited me over to his sister’s house. No one was expecting me except for him and I walked in and surprised his family. We played with his nieces, made small talk with the family and played some ping pong. After some grueling rounds of that, he told me my shoes were at his house. As we drove over we talked about jumping on the tramp and so we did just that when we got there. We all have those tramps that are so bouncy and seem indestructible, Logan thought they had one of those. We flipped, showed off, and were flirting as we bounced around, that is until Logan went to show off his knee flip and as he bounced, the tramp ripped right down the middle and he was stuck in an awkward position until he wiggled himself out and fell onto the ground. We laughed and laughed until our stomachs hurt. I was dazed by his laugh and the way he could just laugh at himself no matter what. He was always happy and seemed to be the happiest guy around.

Another two days later Logan called me and asked, “Strawberry, chocolate, or strawberry banana?” When I asked why, he told me to answer the question and that he would be there to get me in 5 minutes. When he picked me up there was a Strawberry-Banana milk waiting for me in the car as he drove me to Fat Cats to play some arcade games. I forced myself to keep drinking that drink even though it wasn’t my favorite drink ever. He got it for me and I had to seem like someone who was awesome and would do whatever right?! I’m such a hopeless romantic… I was in heaven playing arcade games knowing that in the end we would have to cash in those tickets for prizes and I was anxious to see what he picked out. We ended up trading in tickets for a ring for me and two ninja parachute men to drop off the top of the stadium bleachers. Logan was FUN! I had fun doing the smallest things with him and I found myself wanting to do everything with him… What was I going to do. This boy was making me happier than I had ever been and I was crushing.

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