Jai Terry | 4 Months

Since Jai’s birth story, we haven’t really shared much about him. I had really good intentions to blog about him every month or even more, but I have struggled finding a balance between mom life and photography/blogging life. I have been shooting and editing still, but blogging just hasn’t happened because shooting and editing is enough of a juggle. So to catch us up to speed, here is Jai from birth to 4 months in a nutshell. Quick note, Jai’s name is pronounced like the letter J.

Sleeping: When we brought Jai home from the hospital, he was sleeping like a champ from the first night home. His sleep patterns were on track and he slept 5-7 hours straight every night without feedings. It was glorious. We even got up to 9-10 hours straight on most nights until we hit 3 months- that’s when we hit a huge sleep regression, but it is starting to get better. He now only wakes up once at night, sleeps 12 hours at night total, and takes 2 naps a day. He HATES being swaddled. Don’t you dare try to put his arms down or wrap them up tight. He wants those puppies out and up above his head every time. He wakes up so happy in the mornings and after naps.

What he loves: His jumper!! We ordered it to be here right around his 3 month mark and because he has been so strong with his neck since he was born and done tummy time every day since, we knew his neck was strong enough to get into it. This is probably his favorite thing to do!! He could jump forever!! We will do a post about just the jumper in a couple weeks. At the hospital, he was not a fan of the bath at all, but ever since coming home, it has become one of his favorite things. He kicks and splashes with the biggest smile on his face. Since we bought our house, the kitchen sink is even big enough for baths now too but he definitely still prefers the bath tub. It was so nice to have a summer baby because we were out on walks often and he loved being outside. That was something that would always immediately calm him down every time. We are definitely missing those warmer evening walks together as a family.

Firsts: He laughed first with Logan and it about melted both of our hearts. When the first belly laugh happened, Logan was watching him while I was out for a shoot. But I got a good belly laugh a week later too! He rolled over 4 times from his tummy to back at 4 weeks old, but then he was too cool to do it again for awhile. Just before he hit 3 months, he started rolling from his tummy to his back more and then on Monday he figured out rolling from his back to tummy and there is no stopping him now. It’s been all he has wanted to do the past couple days!

Quirks: When Jai was younger, he would ALWAYS cross his legs and would usually hold his hands somewhat close to his face. Now, he always puts the bottoms of his feet together and sucks on his fingers. And his hair still definitely has the cowlick swoop in the front!

Since Jai has been born, we have shot 7 weddings!! We are so grateful that he will take a bottle so well and that we have such great babysitters (grammys) that live close by! Jai has made two trips to Boise and has learned to handle his carseat time really well!! We also moved into our first home about a month ago and Jai settled into it easily. I was worried that it would throw him off, but it was almost like he just knew this was home as soon as we moved in.

We aren’t sure how so much time has already gone by, but we have loved every minute and stage with baby Jai. He is so sweet and the best baby!! We love him so much!! Enjoy a look at pictures from the first four months of his life and if you want to see more, you can follow my personal instagram for more random photos and video snippets.



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