Jai Terry | 6 Months

This post has been sitting as a draft for over a week now.. I’ve actually been avoiding writing this blog post. Logan would ask me what I needed to finish up once Jai went to bed and every night I have said this post, but I’ve found ways to not get around to it. Being honest, I think my pride got in the way and it’s a silly thing really. Let me explain..

Jai turned 6 months on December 7th!! Can someone please tell me how time is going so fast? I didn’t even know time could go so quickly. That day, our friends had their first baby and seeing little Ella blew my mind because I felt like my own labor and delivery was yesterday, but there’s no way Jai was ever that small. I was so excited for his doctors appointment to be on his 6 month mark an to be able to hear how well he was growing and doing. That excitement quickly faded as I set Jai on the scale and read what it said. 15lbs 2.5 oz. (10%).. Jai lost weight from his 4 to 6 month appointment. It wasn’t much that he lost- 2.5 oz but it made me feel like a failure because I was the one nursing him.. I cried that day and I still feel a little sad over it, but I’m getting over it now and he’s eating solids and nursing so well. Not really sure what happened that day. Maybe it is because he became SOO active in the last couple months, I’m trying to convince myself that it wasn’t all my fault still. He also only grew half an inch to put him at 26 3/4″ (58%). I guess I feel the need to share that so you know that life isn’t always perfect. Jai is SUPER cute and we have so many fun times, just know that we don’t always share ALL the hard things. Now that I got that off my chest and out there, here’s how the last month went! And being honest- I was terrible at taking pictures this month. Life was just busy!

We are still wearing 3-6 month clothes but adding in some of his 6-9 month clothes now too! Logan’s favorite outfit on him currently is his Nike jumpsuit (mountain dew picture). My favorite thing is having him in a onesie or just his diaper and those socks. I think it’s so cute!!! Ha!!! I went to the Festival of Trees with Logan’s mom and sister and I was a terrible wife and let Jai meet Santa without Logan… OOPS!!! But Jai liked him. He just grabbed onto his beard real tight!!

We took family pictures with Anna Christine Photography this month and discovered Jai really hates being cold. It was an OK temperature wise day but that wind was rough and we had to take a little break for him. He loves sticking out his tongue and seeing himself on selfie mode of our phones or even if I’m editing photos of him. Jai was fascinated at the pine trees in our back yard coming down and he even napped through all the noise it made. Hallelujah because that was an all day project for the tree company. We put up our Christmas tree just before Thanksgiving because we had family coming to town and I was surprised that it really hasn’t even excited Jai, not even when we hold him up to touch the tree. He could care less about that!

Thanksgiving was spent with the Peterson side of the family and it was so much fun. Jai loved being with cousins and all of his aunts and uncles. That day, we took some family pictures with everyone and that was fun. Jai handled that day much better because it wasn’t windy and it was warmer. Thank heavens!! Trying to get all the kiddos looking was enough of a challenge without it being freezing! While everyone was in town, we went to Fuji, a hibachi grill, and Jai tried a lemon. We are those terrible people who were kind of excited to see his reaction and he didn’t even blink about it. He just kept on sucking on that lemon. What a let down!! With everyone around and all the excitement, Jai got thrown out of his good sleeping schedule and then with the doctor saying he lost weight, that all went out the window. But we are working on getting back to that now.

We feel like his personality has really started coming out so much! He is SO happy and content, unless he is trying to poop 🙂 We got him laughing so hard one night while he was in his jumper and it’s my favorite thing ever to watch because at the very end he even lets out a little scream. That was a new noise from him! His favorite book is probably Pout Pout Fish… possibly because I love to read that one and we read it often, with lots of funny voices. Jai played peek a boo with a blanket this month all by himself. He pulled it over his face and then back down and over and over again with me. It was so cute but I haven’t gotten him to do it again since then. Jai also learned a new trick of keeping his legs stiff and strong when daddy holds them and he thinks it is the best thing ever.

He loves it when we go to get him in the mornings or from nap time. He always gets a big smile on his face when he sees us. It seemed like overnight, but he can sit mostly by himself now. He tips backwards occasionally, but he is really getting it now. Along with sitting, he is really working on moving. He so badly wants to crawl, he hasn’t figured it out just yet, but he is so close. Jai could probably out plank me because he planks all day long while he tries to figure out crawling. His favorite thing to do is be in the jolly jumper and he his favorite toy is probably the crinkly book or his little puppy rattle.

The last week of month 5-6, he started foods and was so happy to finally be eating food like us. We tried rice cereal very first and that went terribly!! After that we tried carrots and that wasn’t his favorite, but we tried squash second and he loved that.

The cutest little socks from Target

Anna Christine Photography
Jais’  Jai’s new trick and Peterson family pictures




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