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John & Shelby | Rexburg Wedding

To start off this post, let me brag about Logan for a second. Wherever Logan goes, people always become his friend. He is so kind and he’s pretty hilarious. Shelby met Logan at The Hickory where they worked together. He had told me about how a girl that he worked with was getting married and looking for photographers. One day when I went in to see Logan, I met her. We started talking about her wedding and what she was wanting… Turns out she hired me to shoot her wedding day!! It was so fun to get to work with these two.

On the day of the their wedding it was SO windy. I mean, I know we live in Idaho, but at one point, Shelby’s veil blew out and she had to chase after it. It was that windy! It was also a CRAZY day at the Rexburg LDS temple with over 30 weddings happening that day. Shelby and John held each other close the whole day to stay warm for the pictures. But that is what made it perfect. They were holding on tight, not letting go. And looking at the beginning of their forever love story.

I always love hearing a couple’s love story. These two were set up by a mutual friend and then dated for about two years before they got married. They need to seriously thank that friend of theirs! Over those two years, I’m sure they learned so much about each other and learned to love each other, because the way John cared for her on the wedding day was truly special. He wanted to make sure her sash was tied the way she wanted after the little nieces tugged on it until it untied. He carried her bags, brought the car around, and helped her get in the car. These moments are moments I love. The true love of caring for and wanting the best for one another. Shelby and John have a lifetime of love to look forward too! Thanks for letting me be part of your day!

 So much happiness!! 
 This moment right here was so perfect… These complete bliss, candid moments are my favorite


 These wedding details were perfect!
Love this one!!

 Love this!

 Another favorite!!

 SO beautiful Shelby!

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