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New Year, New Goals

This post may seem a little late and overdue, but at least it is happening now! One of the biggest things in my mind about goals is writing them down, letting others know about them, and putting them somewhere you can see them every day. Doing this keeps you accountable for your goals and helps you remember to get things done!!! Have you set goals for this year? Are they printed out and somewhere you can see them? If not, do it! And tell someone about your goals. Tell your spouse, your friends, your mom! They can help you so much. I know that there are SO many goals that I have reached only because I have told them to Logan and others. They pushed me and helped me believe in those goals when I stopped. I love the beginning of a new year because it is a fresh start, a new opportunity!

I guess I should look just at a new year that way because really each and every day is a new chance to do better, be better, and do more with our lives. Like I said earlier, Logan and I have set a lot of goals for this year, but we wanted to share 3 goals for MicPetey and 3 of our personal goals.

MicPetey Goals-

1. Be a boss with my workflow. Workflow is something I really struggled with last year. I would somedays have to edit a ton and I just didn’t want to blog before or after. This year I have been reading a bunch of blogs from other photographer’s about their workflows and this year I’m pulling different ideas from them to see how it all works for me. I will be sharing my workflow process soon here on the blog so I can help others who may be struggling with the same things! But this business is mine and I’m the BOSS! If I don’t get things done in a timely manner, my clients aren’t getting their images when they want them, so this year is going to be a good year!

2. Get published!! I have a ton of beautiful clients every year and their sessions are always so good. There are tons of blogs, magazines, etc. that feature sessions like these and I have NEVER submitted any of my work to be published. This year, my goal is to be published 10 times! I can’t wait to see my clients have their images on blogs for other brides and photographers to follow for inspiration!

3. Teaching others what all those buttons mean on their cameras. Logan started talking to me about this last year, but I was always too scared to really go through with it. I have considered many times on hosting classes, workshops, and mentoring sessions for other photographers. And we have decided that sometime during this year we will be teaching. We will also be adding more teaching and tips to the blog this year to help our followers who are wanting to learn more. I’m not sure who and I’m not sure when, but I look forward to teaching others who are just beginning or who are looking for more advanced help. If you are interested in learning from me, send me an email! 🙂

My Goals-

1. Cross something off our bucket list. We are always adding places or things to do to our list of things we need to do together, but sometimes it seems like we are never really going to make the time to do those things. We decided that we needed to do something this year, but we never really could nail it down to anything specific. We talked about this and that or going there or here. But over the last two weeks, we decided exactly what it is that we are going to be doing this summer!! We aren’t sharing too many details yet, but we have started making plans for this one and I’m SO excited about it. It’s going to be amazing. And I can’t wait to share it with you!

2. Develop myself and my other talents more. I LOVE photography, obviously. But I do have other talents and things that I like to spend time doing. Because I’m going to be a boss with my workflow, I’m going to have more time to spend time with my husband and doing things we and I love doing. I love to cook and bake! The kitchen makes me so happy. I really want to share some of the recipes that I love on here too, but I also want to try new recipes. I could read books all the time. It’s been quite a while since I have read a new book and I need to do that more often. And last time I was in Colorado, I fell in love with longboarding. I would love to get one and ride it all over town. I wouldn’t be one of those people who go down HUGE hills, but I would love to have one of those this year.

3. Be present more. Logan and I were pillow talking last night about how sometimes we lay in bed and I check Instagram, he checks his Clash of Clans, and we don’t spend that time snuggling or talking. I love Instagram (but really, I’m kind of obsessed), but I love my husband SO much more. That means that from now on our phones are going to be plugged in and on our dresser and not by the bed. We won’t be on our phones for social media or games in bed or at meals.

2014 was a wonderful year, but I have a feeling this 2015 is going to be even better!

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  1. Good goals Michelle! Love the phone one in bed. Also, I am asking for a long board for my birthday. You will have to come out and long board with me!

  2. Those are great goals! I do have one more for y'all though. More pictures of Logan with that face!!

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