30 Facts for Logan’s 30th birthday

It’s been 7 years now (on the 5th exactly) that Logan and I met- read more about that here. On that day, Logan was just 23 years old and now he’s a full on adult at the ripe age of 30. We celebrated his birthday on Saturday by making some funny workout videos on my personal instagram for me to win a challenge (I won!!!) and then we headed out to Blue Hashi and got some sushi because it’s his favorite. His actual birthday was on Sunday, so I missed the mark on this post by a few days! Oops!

I used to blog and share things about him all the time, but I’ve been slacking so let’s jump right into 30 facts about Logan for his 30th birthday.

  1. He loves to quote movies and Youtube videos. Sadly, that is not a skill I possess, unless it’s from Tangled.
  2. Logan likes to try and use big words or words that sounds really smart but don’t actually work with what he’s saying just because it sounds cool or to make you laugh.
  3. Take Logan to the movie theatre and you’ve won him over. He loves movies, but particularly at the theatre.
  4. He has a scar on his forehead from falling onto glass as a little kid.
  5. He has Justin Bieber hair in high school and he’s sure that had we known each other then that I would have found him attractive. My vote is no- long hair just doesn’t do it for me!
  6. He served a two year mission for our church- The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in South Africa. It’s a high priority on the bucket list for him and I to make it back there someday. African safari here we come!
  7. Logan could spend HOURS in a bath. In high school he was known to spend 3-4 hours in the bath and even skip hanging out with friends to take a bath.
  8. Audible has become one of Logan’s favorite things. He loves to read and most of his books are in the 30-40 hour long range.
  9. If Logan had an unlimited supply of money, he would buy enough new socks to wear a new pair every single day. This guy loves his socks.
  10. Speaking of socks, most days you will find him a pair of long, colorful socks in the brand of Happy Socks. For short socks he’s into Nike and Puma.
  11. Logan loves Nike!! If we ever see something Nike, it’s got his attention. And if it’s Nike and Jai sized, it’s most likely coming home with us because he can’t say no to it!
  12. When he was born, his parents couldn’t settle on a name so he went home without one. The debate was between Jacob and Lucas. so they just called him son until they decided on Logan.
  13. Logan could eat Mexican food forever! It’s his favorite!
  14. Sushi is a close second in favorite food for him
  15. Pizza ranks really high for him too! He used to want to eat pizza every single week.
  16. He’s the only boy in his family with three sisters. I’m the only girl with 4 brothers. Don’t we make a perfect pair?
  17. Logan wishes that he could do thrill rides, but he can distinctly remember the ride at Lagoon that made him motion sick when he was younger and it’s never been the same
  18. This guy loves to snuggle
  19. His sports teams are the Green Bay Packers (GO PACK GO), New York Yankees, and the Lakers.
  20. He never had braces and has the most perfect teeth. His sisters were frustrated that he wouldn’t have to have braces so they told him his teeth were so bad they’d have to break his jaw (true story HAHA!)
  21. Logan loves to play video games. That’s why Friday nights are dedicated to him playing with his friends online! It brings out the kid in all of them
  22. Logan’s instagram feed is full of sports and funny memes/videos.
  23. I’ve never met someone who is as optimistic as Logan.
  24. His drink of choice is Mountain Dew, but he has cut it down to one a week in the last year.
  25. When he was younger and maybe even still a little bit now, Logan wanted to own a bowling alley!
  26. Logan would go to Disneyland all the time if he could. We talk about it once a week- literally.
  27. Logan is one of those people who always has 75 tabs open on his internet browser and it drives me INSANE
  28. He’s such a fun and playful dad. He’s always been able to get the best laughs from Jai since the very beginning.
  29. Logan loves being active and playing different games like Spikeball, Pickleball, soccer, tennis, he’s really up to try anything!
  30. He was a ladies man even at the age of 3. You should hear the stories…



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