Five years of marriage. Where the heck did that go?! This is the point where we are no longer considered newlyweds, how is that possible? I can distinctly recall all the feelings from our wedding day- driving to the temple with my parents and being terrified because the roads were so bad because of the […]

Our Marriage, Personal

Our 5th Anniversary A surprise from Logan


Remember that one time that it was in the 40’s and even pushing to the 50’s in the end of January and beginning of February here in Idaho Falls… Ya, what happened to that Idaho? I know the groundhog saw his shadow and all, but still, I could really go for that early spring right […]


Chase + Megann | Engaged Idaho Falls Engagements


Bryce sent Logan a message on Instagram all about wedding photos. That led to me learning all about their friendship, KFC, and Bryce’s love for Lexie. He had originally planned to propose later in February, but when it came down to it, he was just way too excited to wait. Who could blame him?! He […]


Bryce + Lexie | Proposal


Every month when it comes to write this post I think to myself, HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE!!!!!! How has it already been 8 months since Jai came into our lives? Some days I feel like I have known him my entire life and I didn’t even have a life before he came into it and […]


Jai Terry | 8 months


Last week I had the chance to be waiting at the airport with the Adamson family to see Sister Adamson come down those escalators and to officially be home with them after serving an LDS mission in California for the last 18 months. The anticipation was killer and it was so fun to see how […]

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Sister Adamson Comes Home Missionary Homecoming