Bumpdate : 34 weeks Baby Peterson Two

How far along? 34.5 weeks   Size of baby? size of a cabbage  Maternity clothes? Well, the other day my brother did ask if I was at the point of basically just wearing basketball shorts and t shirts and the answer is yes. Definitely yes. I do own 3 maternity shirts that each get worn and washed every single week. I’m also spending as much time swimming with Jai as possible so a maternity swimsuit is a staple too! Sleep? So many Charlie horses. It’s been pretty rough the last while with those, but I think they’re starting to come less frequently and with less intensity. One night I had over 10- it was a rough night…  Queasy? Not at all! But the acid reflux has been an issue the last couple weeks!  Cravings? Chocolate still seems to be up on the list. But Sour Patch Kids is one that I’ve really been enjoying too!! Movement? I’m not sure how much more my belly can stretch out. This baby likes to kick and punch at the same time and really stretch out. It pushes my whole belly out at once and it makes it hard to breath! It also kicks way higher than Jai ever did. I don’t remember Jai being in my ribs at all! Weird moment this week? Realizing that there’s a good chance (I’m being hopeful and optimistic about it) that this bebay could come THIS MONTH! We’re going to be transitioning from the three amigos to the four amigos.  Best moment this week? I ordered our double stroller because it went on sale!! So excited to try that baby out!! And we shot one of our last weddings of the season on Saturday and got to hold a new little two week old baby. It was so sweet and made me feel pretty excited about it all. Looking forward too? Double-checking this baby’s size next week with one final ultrasound and seeing it again before. It also sounds really nice to be done with all the packing and moving!  Gender?  Someone told me a trick to seeing which one it is by stting on the ground and putting your feet together. Apparently, one foot should be fattier/more swollen… Well, I’ve tried it twice. The first time it said girl and then it said boy a couple of weeks later! We have one more ultrasound next week and we’re just hoping they won’t slip up on it and say something! We’ve made it this far without knowing, what’s a few more weeks?


This is the closest comparison I have for bumps/pregnancies!! Check it out and let us know if you think I’m carrying the same or different with this one!   Bumpdate: 30 Weeks



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