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Bumpdate: 30 Weeks

How far along?  30 weeks!! Technically 30.5 but who’s counting?! Size of baby?  We had a growth check ultrasound on Monday and he is actually measuring 1 week ahead of schedule and weighing in at about 3.5 pounds. This means he will either be coming early or be a chunky baby.. Or maybe both! 🙂 He is about 17 inches long. Weight gain?  19 pounds! Maternity clothes? Currently still loving my maternity pants from Target in the pictures below. I still haven’t maternity tops really, but today I realized my belly was hanging out on the bottom of shirt that I was wearing (not the one in the pictures) so maybe it’s time to really just focus on wearing those maternity tops!! Haha!! Sleep? Sleeping like a rock most nights! Little man gets active right before going to bed, but it doesn’t keep me up. In the past month, I have woken up wide awake twice in the middle night for no reason. Those nights I have struggled to fall back asleep because baby is throwing a dance party in the middle of night every time! Cravings? Mexican food is SOOOO yummy always, but it has sounded really good quite often over that last month. My mother in law bought some watermelon the other day that was AMAZING too. Fruit has been a constant craving through the whole pregnancy.  Movement? Literally ALL THE TIME!!! He is so busy. The past few days, my belly has actually felt bruised because of how often he is kicking. Our favorite thing is to lay in bed and just watch him move around. His movements are so big now that it just moves my tummy from side to side. Weird moment this week? I went to put on my tennis shoes last week and trying to bend over and get them tied was rough. I was out of breath and uncomfortable. It was hilarious. If Logan is around when I’m trying to put them on now, he will tie them for me. He’s the best!! Best moment this week?  Our ultrasound was scheduled because my tummy was actually measuring small at my 28 week appointment. Dr. Nick wanted to make sure that everything was on track and I was a little nervous that baby was getting behind in his growth. When they told us he was measuring big for my due date, I could have cried. I was so happy!! Everything is looking good and he has some hair!!! Probably not a lot, but there is hair on that head of his. Logan was a bald baby so any hair is so exciting to me  Looking forward too? Finding a house and getting a nursery set up. Yes, you read that right, we are currently house hunting!! It’s going to be a wild few months. And getting a haircut! My hair is driving me crazy, but my appointment is less than a week away. I promise not to take scissors to it myself before then. Gender? I could take this little question off because we know it is a little boy, but we actually didn’t watch that part of the ultrasound at 20 weeks so my mom could do the gender reveal for us. Our eyes were closed, so we didn’t see the boy parts. When we went in for our ultrasound this week, I was a little nervous they were going to tell us it was a girl, but they said it was definitely a boy!! Random thoughts? My favorite thing is when Logan “tickles” my tummy. Little man must be like his daddy because Logan is so ticklish. Each time Logan does it, baby always reacts. It’s hilarious!! He loves music, specifically songs from Moana- possibly because we have been singing those non-stop it seems like. I don’t play the piano in front of people often because of the perfectionist in me, but he really loves when I sit down and play in the mornings! The other thing he loves and that gets him moving is reading out loud.

If you want more frequent baby updates, follow along on my personal Instagram here.

Baby #1 Bumpdate with Michelle | 30 weeks pregnant Baby #1 Bumpdate with Michelle | 30 weeks pregnant Baby #1 Bumpdate with Michelle | 30 weeks pregnant

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