Jai Terry | 5 Months

I can honestly say that each new stage of Jai is my favorite. I’m not sure I will never be able to say that I have a favorite time in his life because it is so fun watching him grow, change, and have new experiences. For these pictures, you will see the first one of him currently and then it starts from the beginning of this month and moves to current. The last pictures are some of my all time favorites of him. He’s just so dang cute and his hair!! I can’t get over how long it is now!

This month we started rolling from back to tummy and once that happened, he wasn’t interested at spending any time on his back at all. It was this new found ability and it made it so he had to be showing me he could do it all the time. He has finally settled to spending a little bit of time on his back again to play with some toys, but he still spends majority of his time on his tummy. Jai still loves his jumper and can jump so high and then he turns to make sure you were watching. He always knows when he had a really good one.

Jai has zero interest in cuddling, ever. He’s not a fall asleep on your shoulder kind of baby. Some days we wish he was, but he is too busy and wants to take everything in so he is always looking around. Jai has started to use his voice a little more and is exploring all the different sounds he can make. Everyone always comments on how deep and raspy his little voice is. Jai also conveniently always gets louder when its quiet- like during prayers at church. His laugh makes our hearts melt and he loves playing peek a boo and “I’m gonna get you.” We could run circles around the kitchen and living room and he would love every minute of it. Any time you are eating food, he is zoned in on you and that food. We are excited to start him on foods soon.

We finally have a good sleeper again!! Jai goes to bed around 7-7:30 (this is when he is done for the day- he wants to be in bed) and then he wakes up at 5:40 almost on the dot every morning to nurse and it back asleep until 8. This is his natural schedule and I will take it!! He loves taking baths before bed and has really taking to splashing so hard that it gets me now too. Jai wakes up so, so happy. It’s one of my favorite things. I love going to get him from his naps or in the morning because he wakes up and just chats to himself and then gets a huge smile when I walk into the room. Makes my day!! His cowlick in the front is becoming less pronounced as his hair gets longer, but his double cowlick on the back is becoming a problem as it gets longer.. We are dealing with some serious alfalfa issues.

This month, all of the Fowler cousins were in town and there was no shortage of love for baby Jai. We raked leaves and played in them- more like he just face planted and tried eating them. Jai also got to spend some time with his little buddy Brooks and they just wanted to swap crinkle books and Jai just wanted to eat Brooks arm. It’s fine… We’ll work on that.

On Halloween I woke up with a little stomach bug and mama life being sick is TOUGH. Halloween was so rough, we shut the blinds, turned off the lights, and didn’t open the door to trick or treaters. It was bad… I had zero energy for 4 days and Jai got it too. That was a rough week for us, but we are both healthy and much happier now!! The week before, we had a ward party and we dressed up as Mario, Luigi, and a mystery block toad head. We came up with it the day before and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out!

Currently wearing size 3-6 month clothes and size 3 diapers. If you want to see more of Jai or our personal life, follow my personal Instagram account @micpetey

Jai Terry 5 Month Update

18 weeksJai Terry 5 Month Update 19 weeksJai Terry 5 Month Update That one on the left kills me!! He was just way too cool Jai Terry 5 Month Update Jai Terry 5 Month Update So proud of himself for rolling over
Every time I try to take a picture on the chair he gets to this pose… every single time Grammy Lu time Not convinced about it just yet Jai Terry 5 Month Update Jai Terry 5 Month Update Jai Terry 5 Month Update Jai Terry 5 Month Update Jai Terry 5 Month Update Jai Terry 5 Month Update Jai Terry 5 Month Update Jai Terry 5 Month Update This look KILLS me
Jai Terry 5 Month Update What life really looked like trying to take this pictureJai Terry 5 Month Update

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