Graham + Marissa Meridian Temple Summer Wedding

Graham and Marissa’s wedding day kicked off bright and early but what better way to start your day than marrying your better half?! We were so excited to be there for Graham and Marissa’s wedding day and to be around their friends and families and really share in all the excitement for them! There’s always a glow and happiness around the couples, but when friends and family are thrilled about the wedding too, it really makes the wedding day even more special!

We loved hearing the roommates joke about how they were the entire reason everyone was there that day, while the shortest of the roommates stretched up onto his tippy toes for their pictures. Marissa’s sister was able to FaceTime in as they walked out of the temple as husband and wife. She was even there in the family photos with the iPad! Marissa didn’t want to leave her sister our and for that reason, all the bridesmaids were wearing a necklace with the NYC skyline to celebrate her sister serving her mission in NYC! I thought that was so thoughtful!

When we pulled up to the reception location (Marissa’s grandparents’ home) we were met with the most spectacular views of the Meridian temple just right across the street. We were also met with a PIZZA FOOD TRUCK!! They each had their own favorite kind of pizza being served as well as a “couple’s favorite.” You can sure bet that the pizza spoke right to our hearts!! We LOVE pizza and this was the cutest way to serve it up! As the night wore on, you could always find these two next to each other. They rarely left each other’s side and I think that’s a good indicator of their future!

We loved working with these incredible vendors-

Bride’s dress was CUSTOM made by Mary Anne

Venue: Bride’s grandparents home

Groom’s attire: Suit Supply

Bridesmaids dresses: Called to Surf

Catering: Oh For Heaven Cakes

Pizza Food Truck: Rustic Oven Pizza

Florist: Wishing Well Botanicals

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