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Brandon + Abi

Brandon and Abi’s wedding came and went so quickly, but it was one that I feel like we are going to remember forever! Having a Salt Lake Temple summer wedding, on a Saturday, you just know that the temple is going to be busy! These two were the first sealing out of the temple that day and it was perfect timing before it got too crazy!! And the weather was amazing! We had perfect temperatures and Toy Story skies as Logan calls them.

Now enough about the weather and how perfect the day looked, let me tell you why the day really was the best. One of the things I’ve always loved about these two is how much joy these two radiate and bring everywhere they go. As soon as they walked out of the doors to the cheers of their friends and family, you could feel the joy! You’ll see it in the pictures and it will be tough for you to not smile when you see how incredibly happy these two are. That happiness never faded or missed a beat all day too! They were smiles from the beginning to the very end as they rode off on SCOOTERS!!

As we took family pictures, I asked the grandparents how long they had been married and what their secrets were. We got answers like, “you make it work,” “love isn’t an emotion, it’s a choice” “You have to keep liking each other, not just loving each other” “happy wife, happy life.” Abi’s grandma then looked at Brandon and said, “Hang in there!” This made Abi say, “Why are you looking at him?!” Everyone laughed and I know that these two have a lot of examples of love to look up too as they start their marriage!

During the luncheon, Brandon and Abi heard speeches from their brother and sister, their dads, and a song from Abi’s grandparents. The speeches had everyone laughing and reflecting on making marriages stronger and better. I leaned over to Logan as it was ending and I told him that this was the kind of environment and feeling I wanted to create at our own kids’ weddings someday.

When it came time for the wedding reception, Abi and Brandon had each told me that their families were going to make the dance party awesome and we decided that it would be a contest on which side made it more epic and honestly, I couldn’t tell you who won! We had bum drumming happening from Brandon’s side of the family and the BEST facial expressions from Abi’s soon to be brother in law Asher. So let’s just say it was a tie! The other memorable thing from the reception was the bouquet toss! When the DJ told Abi to launch it in the air, she did as he said and he threw it so hard and high it hit a chandelier! The chandelier is OK, but the reactions were priceless!

Now, all fun things aside, my favorite part of their wedding day was the fact that they each talked about they each had waited for, prayed for, and looked forward to this day for the whole lives. And then it was here and it was everything they had hoped it would be. Brandon and Abi, thanks for letting us be part of it all!!!

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Bride’s Dress: Margene’s Bridal

Venue: Salt Lake Temple and Joseph Smith Memorial Building

Florist: Joseph Smith Memorial Building

Cater: Joseph Smith Memorial Building

DJ: Allurish

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