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Graham + Marissa Meridian Temple and Willowbridge Formal Session

Tomorrow is the big day for these two!! We can’t wait to celebrate with them and see them as husband and wife!! I always love that moment when it shifts from family photos to our time with just the two of them so that we can give them a big hug and say CONGRATS!!! YOU’RE MARRIED!! We really do love being a part of these weddings. Graham and Marissa had such a beautiful formal session at the Meridian Temple and Willowbridge Venue. It’s been a few years since I’ve been to Willowbridge and it is beautiful!! All the willow trees provide such a perfect backdrop for portraits and I was so happy taking pictures of these two there!

As I got to know these two while we were shooting, I found out that Marissa is studying to become a dental hygienist and any guesses on what Graham is studying to be?! Did you guess dentist? Please tell me someone guessed a dentist! This was not something they had planned or started to do after they met each other. I can’t wait for these two to finish up school and start a dental practice together (how cute would that be?!!!).

While I was hearing all about their love story and how it all started for them, one thing Graham mentioned was how it was hard for him to switch from focusing on just school to also being able to focus on having a girlfriend and dating Marissa. (I had been a really good student before Logan came along and I knew I’d rather spend time with him than study-making that the toughest semester ever!) But when he was studying for finals and realized that he’d rather be with her than in the library, he knew it was getting serious.  The only problem was that right as he was ready for it to be serious, it was Christmas break!! Terrible timing!! But it worked out for Marissa to fly to Texas during the break and meet his family and that’s where it started to turn into a little bit more than just liking each other.

AH!! I just can’t get enough of how easily these two fit together and the ease in their relationship and romance! Happy wedding weekend!!

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