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Brandon +Abi

If I ask you to climb up the side of a hill in your wedding dress, I promise there’s a reason for it. Abi didn’t even question me when I said.. “So I want to go up that hill.” She was right behind me, holding that dress up and hiking up the side of the mountain. This mountain formal session will have you wanting to hike up the mountains in your own wedding dress!

When I watched Abi walk up to us, with Brandon’s back turned for the first look, I couldn’t contain my own excitement and I ended up running over towards here and oohing over how perfectly her dress fit her and how beautiful she looked!! It’s one of my favorite parts of the job!! I love seeing our brides become “brides.” I first get to know them during their engagement session and then to show up to meet them like friends at the formal session and they’re dressed as a bride! It is the best thing to be a part of!

Brandon and Abi had this way of joking through the entire session. It was 100% clear that this is what these two can be found doing all that time. Brandon also had pick up lines to use all night and he let me know that’s why marriages start to struggle is pick up lines aren’t being used anymore. But he told Abi not to worry because he’s got them set up with pick up lines for the rest of their lives. In all seriousness though, we talked about how laughter in a marriage is one way to keep your marriage strong and fun! I’m sure these two aren’t going to have any problems with that!! We can’t wait to see them as husband and wife tomorrow!!

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