Tyson + Veronica | Engagements

Tyson and Veronica were so much fun to get to know during their engagement session in Twin Falls! It was a beautiful day of sunshine, not too much wind and only a few frisbee golfers out and about for us to dodge while we took pictures!! One of the things we really loved talking to these two about is their home that they recently purchased and have been working on together. It was so fun to hear the different projects they are working on and how hard they are working on it together! It isn’t all Tyson or all Veronica, they are definitely doing it TOGETHER! Maybe it’s because we are in the house hunting process and the idea of being able to do project together just makes us happy, but we know that this isn’t something that all couples like to do and we loved hearing how they have been doing that!!

You have to hear about how these two knew they loved each other… it melted my heart into a puddle. From Veronica,” I was giving Tyson a ride home from the BSU ISU football game in Boise with my friend, and we decided to get Buffalo Wild Wings before heading home. After eating, I dropped my friend off at her house, and without getting outside of the car Tyson laid from the backseat across the center console and into the passenger seat. His head was upside down in the seat and he stayed like that the entire drive to his house. At one point I asked him what he was doing, and his response was that the way he was sitting allowed him to stare at my beautiful face during the drive. My heart completely melted and I knew he was going to be a very special person to me.” How sweet is that?!

And here’s Tyson’s response, “When I first met Veronica, I was traveling a lot for my job. During one of my trips to Utah for work, she called me and told me that she was going to stop by my house and pick up my dog Dexter because she felt like my roommates did a bad job of watching him. I was all for it as Dexter had started to love spending time with Veronica. When she arrived at my house, Dexter had been left in his kennel for around 12 hours and had had an accident, and instead of being mean about it, she calmly cleaned Dexter up, his kennel, and my room, She then decided that Dexter had to stay with her until I returned home. When she was telling me this story over the phone I could not help but start to imagine this amazing girl being a mother someday and I knew that she was exactly who I wanted to be with for the rest of my life.” 

This is why we love what we do! We get to meet these couples and tell their stories. These photos are the ones that they will show their kids and grandkids! These are the photos that will forever freeze time on these moments in their lives! We get to do all that while finding ways to build friendships with them! We loved talking to Tyson and Veronica about houses, frisbee golf and their dog. We are so excited for their fall mountain wedding! It’s going to be beautiful!!



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