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Colorado | Katelyn & Kylie’s Baptism

Trips always go by way too fast. You look forward to something for so long and then when it finally comes, it’s over faster than you wanted it to be. That’s exactly how this past weekend felt while we were in Colorado. We got there later on Thursday after the kiddos had all gone to sleep and I could hardly contain my excitement as I started to recognize the different landmarks or buildings. I wished it was light so I could have shown it all to Logan since this was his first time down there. That night we stayed up and talked with Troy and Carrie and then we woke up to the kids getting ready for school and the other two ready to play the Wii with Uncle Logan.

The kids fell in love even more with Logan and it was adorable to watch them all snuggle on him somehow when they played Wii or watched movies. He makes a good pillow I guess!! I was able to teach (if that’s what you want to call it) Logan how to longboard and we went on lots of rides on the streets in front of their house. I may have just convinced him that he wants one too.We laughed every day to the point of my cheeks hurting and my tummy was shaking. On Saturday we were able to go watch Katelyn and Kylie at their ice skating lesson and those girls are good! They sure seem to pick up on everything they try. It was fun to watch them try all the things their teacher told them to do. Later that day we attended their baptism and I got SO emotional because all of a sudden I looked at these nieces of mine who were supposed to be little, seem so much older. We ended the night with rootbeer floats with Troy, Carrie, my mom, and us, while my dad stayed home to babysit.

I’m so grateful for trips like this and that we were able to make it work for us to be able to go!!

How the day started

 They raced for a dollar from Grandpa
 The middle of the day

 How the day ended.. so much Wii for one day

 I really wish I didn’t have to shoot all of these ones through glass!


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