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Impressions | The Boyfriend T-Shirt

I love this blog series. It gives me a chance to go back and look at what I used to write down on my computer about us and the way I felt and what we did on what day. It’s all so full of romance and me dying inside because he took FOREVER to tell me that he loved me but that is a story for another day. In case you have missed any parts to the story so far, you can catch up with these links!

It seemed like every time we saw each other, there was something going on. Somewhere to go and something to do, that’s still how it is. The night before I became his girlfriend, I had gone to cheer him on in his indoor soccer game where he scored a goal and played so good. I was the proud girl cheering him on in a sport I didn’t understand. I sat diligently waiting to try to hear what his mom or sisters were saying about what was going on to come up with something to talk about after the game. Once the game ended, I don’t think it mattered that I didn’t really understand what everything meant. It was clear that the only thing he cared about was that I was there. I was there to cheer for him no matter the outcome and in my eyes he would always play good anyways!
The next day it was my turn to impress him with how incredibly awesome I was at Ultimate Frisbee. Now let’s be clear.. I had played only a few games during this semester and before that only once in those middle school P.E. days. I did a bunch of running back and forth while he sat on the sidelines cheering me on for running! Finally, I was thrown the frisbee and I found an open throw to a teammate in the goal area. Michelle with the assist! Woo! That was the first thing I had done since the season had started. And then, I caught a pass in the goal! SCORE!! That may have been the last time to score and my only assist all season, but that handsome blonde cheered for me and I couldn’t have been more excited to see that. He was there for me. No matter if I was absolutely terrible or the most incredible player out there. He didn’t care. It was all about seeing me.
We spent the rest of the day together, like usual. Laughing, talking, listening to other girls freak out about how Logan sounds Australian, and enjoying our time together before he was leaving for a trip to Mexico the next day. Side-note about the accents, next time you see him, listen to him talk. That accent is there. By now, I’m used to it and only hear it when it’s REALLY thick, but it’s hilarious to hear. 
Back to the story- when it came time for him to leave instead of giving me the usual hug and kiss goodbye, he asked me if I would go to the car with him. I slid my hand into his and walked with him, happy to spend a few more moments together. At his car he told me to close my eyes as he opened his door to pull out a bag. As he handed me it, he told me it was to remind me of him while he was gone on his trip. I reached into the bag and pulled out a t-shirt that said- I love my boyfriend. And there it was in writing. He wanted everyone to know I was taken. I laughed and then felt all hopelessly romantic about this t shirt. A t shirt that was cut a little weird and wasn’t the exact style I would normally wear, but it was from Logan and that was the encouragement I needed to wear it proudly. He took my hand and led me slowly back to the doorstep for the hug and kiss that he had skipped earlier. I walked inside with a new t shirt and the ability to say he was officially my boyfriend.
May 31, 2012

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