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Kray + Lexi Early Spring Engagements

Early springtime engagements in southeast Idaho can be so tricky!! You have to try and time it right to not be muddy, windy, and hopefully a little green! Kray and Lexi’s engagement session had all of those things and it is the session that I just felt like easy friends with them. Engagement sessions are so much fun to be able to get to know each other better and to learn how the couples are together. These kind of sessions help you see exactly how a couple makes each other laugh and what they do to get the other one to smile. Engagement sessions are also where I teach you the poses that you’ll master throughout all of our pictures together!

Kray and Lexi made the time fly by with their happy personalities and the ability to have fun together, even when random strangers stop to whistle at them during the downtown portion of their springtime engagements.

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