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C+K Fowler Family Fall Family Session

I love the fall for so many reasons, but fall family pictures is definitely up there! If you time it just right, the temperatures are good, the lighting is beautiful and the colors are perfect. That is exactly what happened when I took pictures for the Fowler family! The day could not have been any better actually, we didn’t even have that ever-present Idaho wind.

We started the session off with the two older brothers together and from there, we just had a lot of fun! When you have small kids, you cannot expect the perfect sitting still with the perfect posture and for everything to go smoothly. Instead of stressing about that, let’s make it a fun time and capture the kids how they are at this stage. These turned out to be just that and I couldn’t love them more!

These pictures go from showing the overall pictures to the tiniest little details to really show what your life looks like right now, in this very moment. If you’re ready for your own family pictures like this, send us a message! 🙂

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