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Grayson + Katrina

Sometimes when I have known a bride ahead of time and I’m meeting their groom for the first time, I get nervous!! I always want the very best for these sweet brides of mine so when I met Grayson at the proposal my mind was put at ease because I knew Katrina had found a good one to spend eternity with! Then at during their Idaho Falls engagements, it became even more apparent that these two have really such a good relationship and I can’t wait for their summer wedding!

I loved listening to Grayson and Katrina tell their love story. According to Grayson, Katrina made all the moves!!  Grayson’s roommate swiped on Katrina but she didn’t return the swipe. Grayson then teamed up with Katrina to swipe on each other as a joke and after that Katrina did actually ask him on a date!! Shortly after, Katrina transferred to BYU and they were driving back and forth every weekend to see each other.

They must have really liked this long distance thing because just as things were getting really serious, Katrina headed to Jerusalem for a study abroad. Soon after she left, they both realized and knew that this was who they wanted to spend their lives with. Terrible timing right?! They spent those months apart talking to each other in the early mornings and late nights and now, it’s time for them to just be together!!

When we were planning out locations for this engagement session, I knew that I wanted to take them to this new location that I had found. I shot above this location for Katelyn and Taylor’s wedding almost three years ago and I had to go back and explore! While we explored, we found the perfect rolling green hills that made the perfect backdrop for summertime engagements!

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  1. […] Katrina and Grayson told me awhile ago that they really wanted some of their photos to be taken at the sand dunes. I was really excited because I hadn’t ever shot there before and that summertime sunset glow was going to be perfect for these. I had a location in mind to park and when we got there and started walking through the sand, filling Grayson’s shoes with it, they started to tell me why they wanted some of their formal pictures at the sand dunes. They had gone out there to talk and Grayson asked her to be his girlfriend there. Then while they were apart, he sent her a necklace with the coordinates of that location on it. The place where we pulled over to take pictures was so close to that exact location that they could point it out to us! Check back next week to see their wedding day photos and click here to see their engagement session! […]

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