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Jai is TWO! Happy birthday to our little man

Last night Jai wanted extra hugs and kisses before bed and I cried as he came back to hug me over and over again. How have the last two years gone by so quickly?! Jai has changed our lives in every single way and it’s been the greatest blessing in our lives. Don’t get me wrong, some days are TOUGH and I’m being humbled and taught every day on how to be a better mother but it’s been such a joy!! As I made this video of the last year of Jai’s life, I cried, many times. I’m so grateful to have things like this to be able to literally rewatch him grow up over and over again. It’s hard to see how much he is changing day by day, but watching this makes all the little changes become so clear!! And I love knowing that I will always be able to go back and hear his little belly laugh and see him do things that were little quirks for him!!

Here’s a little get to know you about Jai!

Jai currently is obsessed with going to the park and going down the slide and every time we take him outside he asks to walk to the park. He slurs his “s’s” like Sid the Sloth. We read 10+ books every single day but don’t expect to see us at story time at the library anymore because this little man is too busy to be bothered to sit still to listen to a book when there is a ramp to run on and fishies to see. Buzz and Woody are talked about on the daily. We can’t wait to take him to the new Toy Story 4 in a few weeks!! Jai has gotten really good at shooting the ball in his little tikes hoop and points out every ball we see at the store… and I mean every single ball. I don’t have to ride the wiggle car with him anymore, now he just wants to race me on it! Jai climbs up onto our bed every chance he gets to jump and belly flop.

Jai has filled not only our lives with so much joy and happiness, but our families, people in the grocery store, at church, and our neighbors. He has always seemed to know when people need him and it has amazed me time and time again how often he has asked for someone and we go to find they are sad or need a friend. At church, he gives all the young men knuckles as they leave church and he smiles at all the young women. His little spirit and heart are so filled with joy just like his daddy. And then that little spitfire energy and stubborn streak come straight from me!

Please be sure to notice in the video that Jai says booby instead of temple when we went to see the lights at temple square. Yep, we still can’t believe we caught that on camera.

Happy birthday baby Jai! We love you!

Want to see more of Jai?

Here’s his birth story with a video!

Jai’s first birthday video (this one is pretty epic!!)

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