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Kyler + Sylvia Idaho Falls Temple Wedding

Kyler and Sylvia’s wedding at the Idaho Falls temple was one for the books and I will ALWAYS remember it. They were set to get married in early May of 2020, but as COVID started to come up and change plans, Sylvia and Kyler acted quick. She responded to our email that we sent out to check in with them and see if wedding plans had changed at all and she said YES! We are moving our sealing date up to make sure we can get sealed in case the temple closes.

How stressful to be getting married at that time and trying to coordinate and make it work and still be memorable, but these two… man, I have never met a couple so incredibly overjoyed to be getting married. Moving their date up meant they weren’t sure about a lot of things working out for them, like her custom-made dress, his suit coming in on time, florals, and even us. They weren’t sure if we could make it work to be there, but we weren’t missing this for anything, and just like that everything else seemed to fall into place perfectly for their special day. Her dress was finished just in time, his suit seemed to magically make it, and the rain that was threatening on that day didn’t fall at all while we were with them.

Because of the time crunch, there was no time for a formal session and these two decided to meet just before going into the temple to share their first look. How sweet it was!! This moment was one of the most joyful that I think I have ever witnessed. I wish you all could have seen these two on that day! So because you couldn’t be there, let me share it with you because we all need a little bit of what these two have in our lives!

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