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Impressions | The First Kiss

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This is one of my favorite memories from writing the impressions. It was after our first kiss that I decided I wanted to remember everything we had done together and I back tracked to write down everything that had previously happened. Everything about that night with Logan was perfect, yes I’m totally 100% cliche as it gets. But it was even more perfect because of what happened two days before when I stopped into Olive Garden to see him after being home in Shelley.

April 21, 2012 was the date for my brother and sister-in-law’s Idaho wedding reception. A couple weeks prior they had been married in Arizona and it was time for a reception for our friends and family. After I had been there and helped clean up, I told my family I needed to head back to Rexburg for school. What they didn’t know is that I would be making a pit stop at Olive Garden to wait for Logan to get off. By this time, I hadn’t really told my family much about Logan, but they would soon find out.

 While I was waiting to see him, I realized I could hurry into Walmart before he got off and buy some M&M’s to make good on a deal I had with my roommates. Every time we held hands, kissed, kiss on the cheek, etc. with a boy we had to tell and give our roommates something. Because Logan and I had held hands, I was in debt to them with M&M’s. I thought I hid them in my backseat pretty well, but then when Logan was talking to me, he spotted them. He asked what they were for and I had to tell him. I was a little giddy about it and I wanted him to know that I was VERY excited to be making good on our little deal. BUT then he asked me what was owed for everything else…. One of those things was ice cream for a kiss on the cheek. As we kept talking and laughing together, he would hug me and pull me in close and then just keep on talking. The smallest touch of this hand on mine was enough to make me weak at the knees and then he pulled me in and bent down to kiss my cheek. He pulled back with a little smile and asked, “Ice cream?” I laughed as his arms enveloped me in a big hug. About that time Logan’s dad called him and asked him to grab something from Walmart before coming home; he asked me to come with him and he reached for my hand in a store!! My heart was racing and doing backflips, the butterflies were multiplying and all I could do was smile and enjoy every little moment. By the time we said goodbye, my cheek had been left with three kisses and I had ice cream in a Walmart bag for my roommates.

Two days later on Monday, April 23, 2014 Logan asked if he could come see me that evening and I jumped at the chance. That whole day it was all I could do to take notes in my classes and not rush home wishing the minutes and hours to go faster until he would be coming up to see me. For FHE that night we were doing pudding drops off of the balconies of my apartment complex and it turned into a pudding war. I was COVERED and sticky and gross. My time to get ready before he was coming was running slim and I hopped in the shower, got ready as much as I could and ended up with only a little mascara on, wet hair, but one big sappy smile. He asked if I wanted to go for a walk as the thunder started rolling in. Despite the threat of rain, we took off on a walk that would lead us to a place that is now “our” spot. On our walk we talked about things that normally aren’t talked about this early in dating. I asked him about his relationship with his family, particularly his mom, how he honors his priesthood, and I asked him about his testimony. As he gave me answers to my questions and was so sincere, I felt my heart falling and I knew I was in for it. The rain started coming down hard and we took off running to try and find shelter. We ended up on a little hill where the rain and wind seemed to be blocked for the most part. It was there that he asked me what I thought of him and I told him that I just might like him. I asked if I thought he liked me and I said I wasn’t sure. In that moment time slowed down. It was like a scene in a movie as we sat on this hill and he leaned in the 90 (he says it was the full 100, but I totally disagree) and I closed the gap and we shared our first kiss. It was simple, sweet, and the best kiss ever. The fireworks went off in my head the rest of the night and my heart raced all night, long after he hugged me goodnight at my door. That was my last first kiss and it was the best first kiss. While walking in a thunderstorm, talking, and then one small kiss, he had swept me entirely off my feet.

To be continued!

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